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The Secret Cathedral

Down the ladder at the back of the residences of the secret entrance chambers there is a chapel used by the leadership of the facility. The ladder leads to a vestry chamber (A) where they could prepare themselves to enter … Continue reading

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The Hidden Mine

Down from the secret entrance chambers is one of the early draws to build this facility: a mine underground but still open pit style (B) to obtain the valuable ore found here (e.g. mithril, orichalcum, palladium). Since its construction, a … Continue reading

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Spider Caves and Secret Entry Chambers

These caves full of giant spiders (A) belie their secret with a statue distinctly out of place at one of the back chambers. This statue stands beside the secret door and shaking its hand and speaking the password opens the … Continue reading

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Bukur Fifette Scroll Puzzle

I have made a new, quality puzzle available on DriveThruRPG as a Pay What You Want offering. This puzzle comes with a small hook and explanation of how to run it for fun for the whole party, even those who … Continue reading

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Ability Tuesday-Hide and Find Hidden

These abilities help characters to hide things and find things respectively. Additional levels in the Hide ability provide bonuses to the 3d6 hide check used to hide things, including hiding oneself or hiding objects in a room. Find Hidden similarly … Continue reading

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