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Vojvoda Od Miru Palace

The Vojvoda od Miru (Duke of Peace) was responsible for maintaining relations between the Dwarves and the gnomes. They has a special relationship with the gnomes, and so little security was needed to the Vojvoda’s palace. Advertisements

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The Strength of the Hills

On Monday, December 2nd, a small party of adventurers join a pair of Vale diplomats accompanying a delegation of a dozen gnomes back to their capitol in the mountains. They are: Verdis the Prickly (HuS): Level 5 Human Fighter. Phineas: … Continue reading

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Margon’s Palace

Margon’s mighty palace was also built in preparation for his coronation. When he died in battle against Vardor, his son, Mardain, who was with him on the campaign sent a number of his personal guard back to Taurkiev to slaughter … Continue reading

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Taurkiev: Vale of the Faithful

Once the capital of Margon’s kingdom, Taurkiev is now largely in ruins, including the wall and Margon’s Palace. The only area maintained is the space surrounding the temple to Margon, where the werewolf priests of Margon live and perform their … Continue reading

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