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Exploring Tuv

On Saturday the 11th of January, three Citadel House adventurers in the elven experimental facility at the center of the blight use their elven communication device to contact Citadel House and request more adventurers to resupply them, not wanting to … Continue reading

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Biweekly Monster-Firework Shroom

“Why are we waiting for them here?” “Because they don’t carry light and I need a clear shot. Quiet, I think they’re close.” Halen had heard some shuffling in the cavern below his overhang. He strung an arrow and stared … Continue reading

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Fantasy Plant: Darkcap

A lovely plant for making dark, dank caves even darker. (On Monday we’ll see a monster that does the danker part.) Darkcaps are distantly related to Livecaps in the “cap” strain, but they are merely plants, having no thoughts and … Continue reading

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Tealmut: Livecap Community

Tealmüt is a fair sized community of Livecaps. They are more near the surface than many Livecap communities, though they are the only community they know of. Their nearness to the surface exposes them to some threats from above and … Continue reading

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