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What is Queuing?

Over the last month or so I’ve made some mention of what I call “queuing.” It’s the method I intend to use to make multiplayer actions simultaneous (outside of combat) without them being at all real time. Part of my … Continue reading

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Progress Updates-New Avatars

Well, I’ve written a lot of psuedocode for the new map style for the Master page. I’ll be writing some of it in real code this evening and during the week. In the mean time, I’ve drawn several new avatars. … Continue reading

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Progress Update-Gear Shift

Well, I finished coding up all of the lateral transitions (nonsensical and otherwise) and have been debating how to demonstrate them. It can be hard to tell what a player is doing when you’re just watching, so a movie didn’t … Continue reading

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Transgaming and Mind Weave

Transgaming is the idea of a game transcending different media and/or game genres in a way that enhances the experience of playing the game itself. This can be anything from playing Mech Warrior and then Mech Commander for an action … Continue reading

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