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LTUE Posted Videos

I decided to sign up for LTUE 2022 panels again and that reminded me to check their youtube. They have posted a bunch of videos I was in since last I checked, so I’m going to blast all of those … Continue reading

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Game Masters and the Aesthetics of Play

This is a presentation I gave live at LTUE 2020. I quite liked it and thought I should record it for everyone as we approach LTUE 2021 this weekend. I’m on several panels and I’d love to see you there:

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Progress Update-More Than I Could Chew

Well, I’ve fallen still further behind in my schedule. This is largely because coding up the map parser on the player side that needs to sew connections in dynamically based on the character’s location is a real mother bear. It’s … Continue reading

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Life the Universe and Everything-Restoring Energy

LTUE is back! I love going to this event every year to reinspire me to write, but this year there are more gaming panels than ever before. It’s really getting me pumped to buckle down and push Mind Weave to … Continue reading

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