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Anatomy of a Caster: Rorrik

Today the first real action in Harbinger of Excellence went live with Episode 13. Anyone who wanted to go deeper into the magic seen in today’s episode might enjoy this post exploring Rorrik’s magic and how it fits in the … Continue reading

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Lorem School of Excellence: The Tower/Dungeon

Today, Episode 6 of Harbinger of Excellence goes live. It’s named “The Dungeon” after the lower floors of the Occult Building, home to the School of the Occult (Math, Science, Lore, and Magic), as well as the school’s library (The … Continue reading

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Announcing: Harbinger of Excellence

This blog has been a project since 2013, with fluctuating levels of dedication over the years. In 2012, I started a different project that didn’t receive the attention this project received during the transition to graduate school and a career. … Continue reading

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