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Biweekly Monster-Agglomerate

Marvin was enjoying the warm feather bed he’d hired at the Prodigal Pint when he was awakened by a sound in the room with him. He rolled subtly over, gripping the dagger under his pillow. Another rustle near where he … Continue reading

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Who Would Just Leave This Stuff

Who Would Just Leave This Stuff: Adding Flavorful Loot to a Well-Furnished World is a resource for Game Masters of all sorts of fantasy table top roleplaying games to add colorful loot into every nook and cranny of their worlds. … Continue reading

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Progress Update-Item Management

Here it is at long last: the item management video.  I know I’ve been a real slacker, playing Legend of Grimrock instead of coding, but I finally sat myself down and did this and it is gorgeous.  I try to … Continue reading

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Progress Update-Life is Busy

This week was busier than expected as I tried to wipe out finals and cope with a flat tire.  I know I said this last week, but this time I really do have plenty of time this week to get … Continue reading

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Progress Update-Behind

I’m afraid I don’t have a lot of visible progress to report today.  I’m behind schedule in just about everything in my life right now with Tuesday being the last day of classes and so the due date for everything. … Continue reading

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