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Play Testing Sinner’s Manor

Instead of our regularly scheduled Primordial Frontier game, RiH, ByW, and BiW were generous enough to play test Sinner’s Manor for me. JaH joined us: Jak (JaH)-Human Ranger (Unearthed Arcana), Level 1, Great Weapon Master, Favored Enemy: Undead Friar Roland … Continue reading

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Aesthetics of Play and the Hook

Readers of the blog know that I like to think about how to use individual game elements in RPGs to serve the core aesthetics of play. In the past, I’ve addressed traps from this perspective and dived into Fellowship pacing, … Continue reading

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Random Target Selection

When I GM, I like to have my enemies pick targets semi-randomly. I try to assess what would be realistic for them to do based on the battlefield situation and threat level, as well as the type of enemy. This … Continue reading

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Attending LTUE 2019

February 14th, 15th, and 16th, I will be attending the Life the Universe and Everything Symposium at the Provo, Utah Marriott Hotel and Conference Center. On the 15th, Friday, I will be moderating two panels with advice for new GMs … Continue reading

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The Pacing of Fear

I’ve been meaning to do some more writing on game design topics for Game Masters, having touched on aesthetics of play (specifically with traps) and negative possibility space in the past. One aspect of game design I’ve been focusing on … Continue reading

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Running Puzzles

Puzzles are understandably controversial as tools in roleplaying games. Some people love puzzles, some people hate them. The more relevant dilemma is the extent to which puzzles are a staple of dungeon design and fantasy settings, while at the same … Continue reading

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Negative Possibility Space at the Table

I’ve recently described being a Game Master (specifically those of us who built our own world and write or own campaigns) as similar to being a game designer, a game designer whose resources are extremely limited, whose content only gets … Continue reading

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Campaign Review: Stormguard Sessions 17-?

It’s been nearly a year since my last post and my last report on the Stormguard Campaign (though that name is going to have to change since they left Stormguard the first chance they got, seeking Benquil’s long-lost father). The party is … Continue reading

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Wednesday Words-Game and Dungeon

Game-A game is initiated by a would-be Master Weaver.  It is associated with a given Campaign or Dungeon to be played and has a description including directions and play times for potential players.  Players apply to Games by creating a … Continue reading

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Wednesday Words-Setting and Campaign

Setting-Settings are the broadest spaces in the Mind Weave location structure.  A setting is merely the terrain, politics, etc. of an area designated for Mind Weave campaigns to take place.  Without a specific campaign selected for it, a setting is … Continue reading

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