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Saturday Spell-Frostbite

Here’s a basic spell from Lyet Highfall’s arsenal for encharging his daggers for ice damage. To make it an encharge, we need an Order finger, since we have no words in Stealth Magic. To make the encharge have multiple charges instead … Continue reading

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Wednesday Words-Encharge, AoE, Anti-lumen, Anti-decibel

Encharge-As you may have noticed, many of the spells we discuss use this term to describe what kind of spell they are.  Since its meaning is unclear to some, it should be clarified that an encharge is a spell (generally … Continue reading

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Saturday Spell-Fire Trap

This 16 DoP(Dice of Power) spell is an encharge, presumably on something roughly man sized to allow the use of the “on” power syllable, like a large chest, a door, or a large stone.  The spell, when triggered, creates a burst of … Continue reading

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Saturday Spell-Disintegrating Weapon

This 17 DoP(Dice of Power) spell is an encharge, and so without Encharge Mastery one DoP is lost, in the casting arrangement below 1 DoP of earth.  The power is divided over a specified number of blows from the encharged weapon between … Continue reading

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