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Running Puzzles

Puzzles are understandably controversial as tools in roleplaying games. Some people love puzzles, some people hate them. The more relevant dilemma is the extent to which puzzles are a staple of dungeon design and fantasy settings, while at the same … Continue reading

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Negative Possibility Space at the Table

I’ve recently described being a Game Master (specifically those of us who built our own world and write or own campaigns) as similar to being a game designer, a game designer whose resources are extremely limited, whose content only gets … Continue reading

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Play Report-Incurring the Wrath of Lolith

Having vanquished an invisible assailant in the the antechamber of the Temple of the Bones, the party decides to follow the line of red carpet leading down one of the many departing corridors. Benquil goes first, hugging the left wall. … Continue reading

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Wednesday Words-Game and Dungeon

Game-A game is initiated by a would-be Master Weaver. ¬†It is associated with a given Campaign or Dungeon to be played and has a description including directions and play times for potential players. ¬†Players apply to Games by creating a … Continue reading

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