About the Maker

SelfPortI am James Arthur Eck.   I sometimes go by Rorrik, or Rorrik Von Nuchtenberg, or Cedryk Von Thor, depending on where online you meet me.  I also went by Jacob Corner for a short time during which I published my first novel: A Different Reign on the Horizon.

I lived for two years in Peru where I was a volunteer missionary for my faith.

I recently graduated with a BS is Electrical Engineering and am currently working on an MS doing research into communications antennas, specifically microstrip patch antennas with a focus on high efficiency arrays and dual circular polarization, for applications in UAVs.

Writing is my passion, specifically fantasy.  But since I’m mostly into it for the world building, I also love table-top role-playing games.  This is why I wrote my own homebrew, but it was so complex that I realized I needed to put my coding skills to the task.  That is Mind Weave.  In my personal opinion, it is a role-playing game unmatched by other tabletops, and I’m making it specifically as an online tabletop.  I am making it because I want to play it, and I want to share it with you.

My super supportive wife is Nichole Eck, also a writer.  She has a great writing blog. She also does a humorous life stories blog.


Richard Hunt-Mechanics development and testing support.

Kevin Nielsen-Testing and aesthetic quality insight.  Check out his fantasy writing blog.

Extra Credits is one of my main sources of game making theory.  They do a great job.


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