Haven: A Series of Searches

After failing to catch whoever was using the ancient elven spire near Shield Keep, Ragnvaldr hires Victor to lay in wait for them. With a foil helmet and his invisibility cloak, Victor sets up to stake out the spire on the ground floor.

  • Victor (TrS): Level 10 Elf Thief
  • Ragnvaldr (TrS): Level 14 Human Fighter
  • Rovert (TrS): Level 22 Human Necromancer

Getting in position on March 24th, Victor is in it for the long haul, but he catches a break on March 28th when a goblin creeps into the tower, completely unaware of him, and uncovers a hidden trap door into the spire’s secret basement. Victor follows him down and knocks him out. A search of the place reveals that the goblin is working for Lord Mistershem, self-styled King of Elves. Victor also finds 800 gold coins, a molva dagger, and an elven communication bird statue with harp tokens.

He brings the goblin to Ragnvaldr, but interrogation is unfruitful as he insists he was using the signaling mirror in the spire as a hobby with friends, nothing more. However, when the goblin reads Ragnvaldr’s mind, Ragnvaldr wins the battle of wills handily enough to feed him whatever information he wants and clues him in that they already know he was working for Mistershem and receiving reports from his agents in Citadel and Pharoe’s Hall of Heroes. Even so, the goblin continues to deny any relationship with Mistershem.

Flummoxed, Ragnvaldr brings the captive to Shadow Spires to have Rovert interrogate him. Rovert, with his crown of mind reading, is able to learn that the goblin, Gimble, serves not Mistershem directly, but his wife, who he thinks of as the Molva Elfin and seems to regard as a deity. When he realizes Rovert is reading his mind, he becomes belligerent, demanding the return of the molva metal used to make his crown. Rovert knocks him out again and wipes his memory of the encounter before waking him again. This time, he tries to delve into Gimble’s mind for particular information, including his signaling code and information about Schek Molva. Gimble resists, becoming wild with rage at being violated so. Soon, Rovert realizes he will as soon fail in the battle of wills and receive false information as succeed in it and learn what he wants to know. He changes tactics, casting spells to greatly diminish Gimble’s Will in order to learn what he wants to know.

Having learned that Gimble is from a heretical branch of Schek Molva which regards Lady Mistershem as an embodiment of Molva and the code and other procedures needed to communicate with the spies he handles, Rovert sends one of his kobold agents to take over his post in order to prevent suspicion and send false information when able.

With this business taken care of, Rovert decides to go in search of the devilish elven research facility himself, after Snass and Malcom were warned of its evil. He rides an undead dragon out to the hill where they gave up their search and casts a powerful (3000 Spell Points!) detect evil spell capable of detecting evil for a dozen miles over open space or penetrating hundreds of feet of earth. This turns up nothing, and so he resolves that the facility must be more than several miles from the hill top. He rides his dragon back to Shadow Spires.

It’s easy to do a hodge-podge of activities when we get a single player, but at the same time, a lot of the big stuff we could do with one person we already do over messages away from the table. Next week, we are planning on a major battle. There might be as many as 1000 combatants on each side. The players are expecting to have most of the special units in their camp, but we will see.

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