Rise of Lolith S17-The Swift Retreat

With Loliths fortress emptying against them, the party flees back down the hill they watched from, running back south and a little east, hoping the darkness will soon hide them from their pursuers. Though they can see flying kobolds trying to pick them out, they have made it far enough east into a ravine and it is a new moon, so they aren’t spotted and hounded immediately.

  • Evren (BiW): Level 8 Drow Psion Thief
  • Labkost (ByW): Level 8 Gnome Magic-user
  • Argent Smith (RiH): Level 8 Human Monk
5 mile hexes

Most parties would still have eventually been found by the patrols, but while Labkost has the weakest constitution and tires are 11% per hour at their heightened pace, he also has a 10 Will and can easily force himself to march until he’s dead. With much better constitution on the other two and levels in Will all around, they soon outpace their pursuers.

As the night goes on (they somehow avoid random encounters not associated with their pursuers), they realize that patrols that were already out are being diverted to hunt them and they aren’t in the clear yet, but they do manage to hear the other patrols first and go to ground in a hollow found by Argent and improved with Labkost’s earth magic.

They get into hiding around 3 AM and stay down for the day, hearing the two patrols they dodges passing nearby, as well as pursuing groups hours apart throughout the day, coming and returning back northward. With only 1% tiring recovery per hour, Labkost is still very tired by the time they decide to move again hours after nightfall.

They figure they must be close to the end of the hills, leaving 25 miles or so of open plains between them and the woods that they are hoping will be safe harbor. Before setting out into open plain, Argent prays to inform Brimahil of the devilish pact, hoping they are now clear of the area where prayers seemed to be blocked. He also pleads for aide crossing the open to the woods and feels they will be helped.

Under the cover of dark, they head out of the hills into the plains. Here, they can see out across the plains to avoid the kobolds flying with spotlights to and fro in search of them. It is a wide search area, but even so they have a couple of close calls they believe could only have been turned away by Brimahil’s power. They make it to the woods uncaught and now hope to reach a village and the safety of civilization to recover from their grueling retreat.

They escaped Lolith’s armies far more easily than I expected, but they’re hardly in the clear yet. Lolith is powerful, and possibly desperate.

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