Haven: Back to the Gnomish Menagerie

Its been nearly 8 Years in game since the Citadel House Adventurers stopped by the menagerie run by the Archivist gnomes to release all of the sentient creatures held there. The gnomes have long been asking them to return and deal with ghosts (which the players believe to be caused by Rovert’s memory erasure), but on the 20th of November Year 12, they decide to return for a different purpose.

  • Rovert (TrS): Level 22 Human Necromancer
    • Drej, Level 5 Psuedodragon Familiar
  • Randall (HuS): Level 13 Human Druid
  • Harold (MiM): Level 4 Halfling Thief
  • Sventlana (DaS): Level 2 Human Brawler
  • Erret (OwC): Level 1 Elf Magic-user

With much of the band from the previous visit back together, they dare not bring any flying island or other transport that might be traced back to them. They take the roads, not announcing themselves as they move toward the village that keeps the menagerie. The last leg they take by dark on the 25th.

Rovert, expending significant spell points, makes them all invisible and silent to pass through the village. They arrive at the secret door that Rovert remembers and scryed ahead to scout out, but Harold is unable to pick the lock he finds in the stone wall. Invisible and muffled, they manage to communicate (with Drej’s help) that Rovert is going to go look at the guard house at the main door.

There, Rovert knocks out the guard and calls the others over. Harold again struggles with the lock, long enough for Svetlana to kick the door in, and they take keys and head into the main building, knocking out another guard. Rovert goes back and makes sure the two sleeping guards in the guardhouse are good and out and they move to the common room in the facility

Svetlana moves in through the door (carrying one of the unconscious guards), telling the two gnomes there (invisibly, mind you) that they are there to deal with the ghost problem. The gnomes go for holy water, but are soon dropped by Rovert’s attacks. While Svetlana moves the three remaining unconscious guards into the common room, the rest move into the facility itself looking for the last pair of keepers Rovert expects to be patrolling the cells.

They see them at a long distance down one of the corridors and sprint toward them. The gnomes run from the disembodied footsteps (their silence wore off before their invisibility), thinking them an apparition, and run into the common room where Svetlana has just gathered the first six gnomes. Svetlana soon knocks them out, in time that none of them are seen when the invisibility runs out.

They now set about surveying the trapped creatures. Svetlana is eager to get to work letting them out, but Rovert and Randall manage to keep her from starting without a plan. Harold keeps Erret (who thought they were here to build more of a relationship with the Archivists) from causing any trouble waking up the gnomes or speaking to fey captives. They soon devise a plan. Randall’s ability to command animals can handle most of the occupants (though they decide to leave the giant ant farm based on Randall’s previous trouble with giant insects and the number of them being high enough to greatly consume his command time), and the rest they plan to release in order, about four cells each.

The only hitch in their plan, as they run about releasing creatures, is that the soot horror released by Randall cuts off Svetlana’s route to release a couple bugbears and an ogre. She dodges its beam of flame and doubles back to reach them another way, only to find that the soot lord has killed the bugbears and ogre. Realizing that it will certainly kill the guards if they leave it, they engage and quickly kill the dark fey.

Rovert takes a moment to turn their font of holy water into red ink which Svetlana uses to write a note:

“We came about ghost problem. We have removed all ghosts. Please don’t bring more in.”

Again invisible, they run out of the facility and into the night, Svetlana yelling about having removed the ghosts. They head back south and arrive in the Vale by the 30th. Harold levels up.

We ended up syncing up with real time again for this session when DaS would be in town again. She was playing Svetlana for the second half of the adventure when they first released creatures from this facility (something I had forgotten since she is LaB’s character). It was a worthy diversion from the brewing conflicts, if an odd place to introduce a new player and character.

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