Biweekly Item-Verzelai, Black Dragon Soul Sword (AD&D)

This long sword’s blade is a glossy black and sharp and strong. The hilt is a more matte black and shaped in the head of a dragon with large rubies inset in the eyes that shine vibrantly with their own faint glow. It is said to be possessed by a black dragon whose soul gives it its power.

It is a +1 long sword with several additional abilities.

First, attacks using it ignore the benefit to armor class from a shield, since the blade veils itself and renders active defense ineffective.

Second, attacks can be made with the sword against enemies within 50′ that stand in or within 5 feet of a deep shadow relative to the ambient light. Such shadow blade attacks do not benefit from bonuses from strength, but can gain such bonuses instead from wisdom, treating the strength bonus as if the wielder had strength equal to his wisdom.

Verzelai has an intelligence of 18, speaks draconic and common in addition to telepathy. It is lawful evil and has additional powers which it may grant to a wielder who is willing to serve its purposes, including the corruption of good things, the gathering a treasure for the sword’s resting place, and the slaying of living things. These powers include:

  • Darts of darkness, which strike as darts with a fire rate of 5, normal range, and no armor class adjustment. Can be used as often as desired as long as in the service of the sword’s aims
  • Darkness, as the 2nd level magic-user spell up to 3 times a day.
  • Infravision, as if of a race which benefits from such vision
  • The ability to Hide in Shadows as a 10th Level Thief (63%) regardless of armor

These additional powers are granted one or some or all or none at the sword’s discretion and in the service of its wicked aims. It will always strive to turn its wielder to greater and greater evil, and in turn greater and greater power as it seeks to reign as it once did in dragon form.

Experience Point Value: –

G.P. Sale Value: 100,000

Rovert wields this sword, and though he often aligns with Verzelai’s intentions, he has not so deeply befriended him as to benefit from all of his powers, though in Mind Weave they are somewhat different.

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