Haven: Escaping Moaning Hill

After tracking the orcs of Schek Garim into the Moaning Hill, the party encamped in the deepest chamber they were able to reach before facing resistance from their quarry.

  • Malcom (HuS): Level 7 Human Cleric of the Empty Tomb
    • Six Level 5 Phase Spider Wraiths
  • Chiron (TrS): Level 4 Human Ranger
  • Teran (NPC): Level 9 Human Ranger

Chiron’s watch passes uneventfully, as does Teran’s, but as he is going to sleep again, he warns Malcom that he feels and hears some kind of distant quaking, though it is soft enough that Malcom has already missed it. About an hour into Malcom’s watch, he is surprised with a backstab to the chest.

His cry wakes the others and they leap to their feet, seeing no enemy, though Teran manages to put an arrow into the invisible assassin with his great perception. Chiron follows his lead and also gets one in. Malcom dodges back from the assassin’s next attack, but is dropped by a a volley of arrows from the entrance to the chamber, which is mostly evaded by the other two.

Chiron heals Malcom while Teran continues to track the assassin, who seems to be flying in addition to invisible. Malcom’s spider wraiths rush toward the tunnel the arrows came from and try to engage the invisible archers. While Teran dodges an unseen attack, the orcs quickly realize that their attacks against the wraiths are ineffectual and start to withdraw.

With sword drawn, Teran attempts to fend off his flying, invisible foe and Chiron casts a couple of light spells to penetrate the enemy’s invisibility. A light at close proximity reveals a ghostly outline of the enemy, but his invisibility is clearly very strong. The lights are soon stifled as the orc produces a shadow ball that chokes Teran a little and greatly dims the lights. The other orcs, invisible, but seemingly clustered back in the tunnel to fend off the spiders, have thrown oil in among the wraiths. Malcom runs to his spiders, hoping to heal them and damage the enemy with some modified death bursts.

Not to be defeated by a shadow ball, Chiron blows the rest of his spell points on four more lights, some of them rolling very bright, enough to cut through the shadow powder and reveal the flying orc. It seems he is unwilling to use another shadow ball, if he has one, against such a determined foe and instead he goes hard at Chiron.

Malcom’s spells convince the body of orcs to withdraw and the assassin also escapes up one of the two shafts in the ceiling of the chamber when he becomes the subject of more arrows. Despite having survived and even forced the foe to flee, the party decides that they shouldn’t stay in the hill any longer. They start to withdraw, but soon find that ropes they left for getting down from shafts into the ceiling have been taken, leaving them with no way to ascend.

Chiron’s arrows fail to stick in the stone, but Teran fashions a crude grappling hook from pitons tied on the end their rope. He throws many times, even after Chiron insists he stop, and after attracting a specter succeeds in getting them up the first such shaft after they have called Verdis to send Snass to help them find a way out. The next two shafts, their luck is much better and they find their way out of the hill, much to Teran’s relief (he will not be entering the hill again). They call Verdis to let him know he can tell Snass to stop his rush, though his wolf camp will still be relocating to the area north of the hill to monitor it.

We have fully broken from real time, and this time it means we will be picking up in the dungeon for the first time in a long time. I already told them that their watches will be interrupted, but they don’t yet know by what.

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