Rise of Lolith S16-The Fiendish Pact

Evaluating the fortress under construction before them, the party makes the dubious decision to allow Labkost to summon a balor to slaughter those building the fortress. Its unclear to me if this decision was based on the assumption the clone was not there, in which case they could have gone around fairly easily. Regardless, Labkost created his summoning circle and with his summoning skill called forth a balor:

  • Evren (BiW): Level 8 Drow Psion Thief
  • Labkost (ByW): Level 8 Gnome Magic-user
  • Argent Smith (RiH): Level 8 Human Monk

The balor agrees, but he is lying. He immediately turns and attacks the party. Attempting to parry his mighty sword goes badly for Argent, but he stays up and between them they deal heavy blows to the balor, who backs up to summon a fomori to aide him.

Labkost, away from the front, tries to call on the balor to honor their deal, but learns that the balor was able to defeat the summoning compact due to a pact that his master, Asmodeus, has made with Lolith. The balor brings in a second fomori and the first interposes itself between Argent and the balor. Argent and Evren finsih this fomori and Labkost brings down the Balor with a mighty spell.

Labkost still wants to send something in to attack and calls up a demon this time instead, but it refuses the mission, so Labkost summons an imp to ask questions about this pact:

  • Is there a pact between Lolith and Asmodeus?
    • Yes
  • What do Asmodeus and Lolith get out of it?
    • Refuses to answer
  • Will this interrogation be reported back to Lolith?
    • Refuses to answer

Argent prays to Brimahil, informing her that Lolith has gone so far as forming a pact with an arch-devil. He feels no response and they debate whether to advance or withdraw.

Whatever they had planned next, the half-finished keep starts crawling with activity as bugbears and kobolds emerge and head in their direction. They flee, but there is a long wilderness ahead of them…

I wanted to make the demon/devil summoning by Labkost more interesting with a little counterplay (Lolith’s supporters summoning a devil being Labkost’s whole motivation and all), but I didn’t expect Labkost to roll so badly and the balor to roll so well. Things are interesting now.

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2 Responses to Rise of Lolith S16-The Fiendish Pact

  1. Oops.
    Well done on a reasonable issue with trying to use the enemies tools against the enemy.

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