Rise of Lolith S15-Bugbears and Battlements

After tracking Lolith and the clone into the wilderness, the party encounters a tribe of bugbears:

  • Evren (BiW): Level 7 Drow Psion Thief
  • Labkost (ByW): Level 7 Gnome Magic-user
  • Argent Smith (RiH): Level 7 Human Monk

Argent and Evren rush forward to engage the enemy while Labkost starts a spell to create his summoning circle. Argent is soon completely surrounded, Evren nearly as much so, and neither is in a position to stop the few that rush toward Labkost.

Argent and Evren are mostly able to fend off blows of the bugbears swarming over them. Labkost takes a hit, but managed to maintain his focus on his spell and finish creating the circle. He leaps into it and shouts out a threat of the power the circle bestows upon him. The bugbears closing in on him believe his bluff, but one that didn’t hear him attempts an attack that misses horribly, confirming for the others its supposed protective powers.

While Argent and Evren start bringing down enemies in their press, Labkost steps out of the circle and calls up a demon and is immediately attacked. Two of the bugbears carefully lead the demon away while several chase Labkost. Soon, they force an error and he falls prone, health low.

Argent breaks free, having dropped several bugbears, but can’t make it to Labkost before he, lying on his back, casts a fireball at the surrounding bugbears’ head level, taking two down and nearly knocking himself out (with only a little chaos indirect finger, the damage coming his way down on the ground is significantly reduced and we spent way too long advising him on the damage probabilities to knock out the bugbears without outright killing himself without considering this vital detail).

Argent heals Labkost and they clean up the remaining enemies, dismiss the demon, and proceed on their way. Near noon the next day, they crest a ridge and see kobolds and bugbears constructing a stronghold on a long, steaming seam in the earth. Evren still senses they have been getting nearer her clone as they head this direction, so they suspect the clone is inside the stronghold, but they must consider the possibility that mere coincidence has placed it in their path.

I must admit that this campaign is pretty linear. Sure, I’m laying the track session to session as I see what they’re interested in, but baring a major shift, they’re always going to turn back toward the end we all expected from the start of the campaign. I think we’re getting close to that end.

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