Biweekly Item-Teleport Pole (AD&D)

This is by all appearances a mundane 10-foot pole, but it can teleport the user to a surface it is touching. It has 20-25 charges and can be used by characters of any class.

Experience Point Value: 1000

G.P. Sale Value: 5000

A bit of a gimmick, to be sure, but thinking about it I couldn’t justify valuing it low with the utility it provides.

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7 Responses to Biweekly Item-Teleport Pole (AD&D)

  1. How does it work? Do you have to be holding it and teleport 10 feet to the other end?
    Do you leave it at camp so you can get back? Throw it across a gap so you can appear on the other side?

    Which just made me think of teleport javelins or arrows. Use it like a comic book zipline but with no line. Could require a roll to hit based on the target, so if you miss you aren’t on the ledge, but a couple feet to one side when you appear.

    And no takebacks, the “to-hit” roll happens as you fire, and you are going with it regardless at the moment it hits.

    • jameseck says:

      I love all those ideas! I’ll have to go in and make it more clear because I definitely imagined it as you hold one end and tap to teleport to the other end.

      • That makes sense as you clarify it. No more rolling to leap a 10′ pit, or to clamber up to a ledge.

      • jameseck says:

        Or asking the fighter to bend the bars.

      • Oooooooh. I did not think of bars and viewports and arrow slits and such.

      • How do you come up with GP equivalents for magic items? Sort of informed guessing or is there a formula you use?

        To improve my idea, if it is an entire enchanted arrow or javelin, that’s a lot of effort for a one off with just a single use, but if multi use would need charges and/or be rechargeable to prevent the characters from going full Arrow TV show and never walking again, which would increase the cost a lot.

        I’m thinking treat the concept not as a “magic weapon with unique power,” but rather a “utility tool” like your 10 ft pole. You buy/acquire a two part system: a “warhead” that can be fitted to a shaft of appropriate type, maybe adaptable to several, which operates like a diver’s bang stick. On impact the head compresses into a chamber to crush the second element, an enchanted, single use, usable only as part of the device, gem of teleportation. So you have initial cost, and then logistical choices of finding/buying/making more gems. Could give them outsized weight and encumbrance as an additional limiting factor if needed for balance as opposed to just cost.

        It would create a line of sight, one way, teleportation ability, with the balancing disadvantages of needing a “to hit” roll to ensure you go where you wanted. If you wanted to do a Longfellow and shoot into the air so it comes down you know not where, well, enjoy watching the DM giggle evilly as they roll behind the screen.

        Having it as a warhead for different ranged weapon types could allow the introduction of a “Str versus range versus target material” rolling element, if desired, to tell if it impacts with enough force to crush the gem. A Fighter with above average strength might be able to essentially guarantee success against a flesh golem at max javelin range, where a Magic-User with a 6 STR might only be able to get to medium range without a roll when throwing an equipped dart at a stone wall.

        As part of my “design philosophy” I like to come up with lots of potential balancing factors to prevent overpowered devices, and also so they can justify a low enough cost and availability to make them worth the effort to find, but, or make.

      • jameseck says:

        To finding GP/XP equivalents for items, I take a little survey of similar items: is there a spell that has a similar effect? What level is it? Is there an item of the same type with different spells of the same level? Sometimes I can get a lot of touch stones and feel really confident in the number. Sometimes I have trouble finding anything to moor it to and I just have to kind of assess how it matches up to something that operates in a similar space.
        I love that design philosophy. The more potential trade offs the better for making an item an interesting choice in the game.

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