Rise of Lolith S14-In Search of the Clone

After briefly considering fighting the guards calling for them to surrender, they instead convince them to allow/help the party look for Evren’s “sister,” who she can telepathically verify that their commander has not seen the clone, but is willing to humor them since he has them in his hand:

  • Evren (BiW): Level 7 Drow Psion Thief
  • Labkost (ByW): Level 7 Gnome Magic-user
  • Argent Smith (RiH): Level 7 Human Monk

As they wander the castle under the captain of the guard’s watchful eye, he happily conducts them to the dungeons and back out to the courtyard, where Evren sense the clone is heading north. The captain doesn’t want to allow them to leave, but they prevail upon him to talk to Lolith about it and he goes looking for her.

As soon as he’s gone, Evren telepathically tells Argent to knock her out. The guards look on as Argent chokes her out and she makes a will check to immediately dream, seeing through her clone’s eyes that she is flying north with Lolith. Argent wakes her soon and she describes that Lolith is gone, flying North, to the guards there.

When the guard captain returns and says Lolith is gone, the guards witness that Evren said as much, but he dismisses it as a 50/50 chance guess at best. He allows them to leave anyway, tired of dealing with them and believing they are no danger.

They follow roads northeastward, parallel to the coast, assured by certain villagers that they saw the bat creature fly over. Eventually, though, they must choose to either follow the roads closer to the coast or set out through the wilderness to maintain their course. They choose the wilderness, setting out across hilly terrain with sparse vegetation.

A couple days into the wilderness see a war band of hairy creatures ahead who also notice them and a fight seems inevitable.

What is Lolith up to in North. I guess I forgot to mention that Evren did have dreams and her clone seemed to be in a half-finished fortress, from what she could see from the dungeon. Lolith is there, but neglecting the daily torture to Evren’s relief.

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