Biweekly Item-Chalk of Return (AD&D)

This chalk can come in any color, and often in sets with each stick in a different color. In order to function, a whole stick must be broken in two. These two pieces then share an arcane link that can span any distance in space. When a circle has been drawn with one piece from a broken stick, a circle may be drawn with the other pierce up to as large as the existing circle and the moment the circle is complete, it and all of its contents vanish and reappear in the first circle.

Drawing a circle with the chalk consumes 1 inch of the stick per 100 feet of circle drawn. Each mile teleported is treated as an additional 10 feet of circle, which portion is consumed from both the origin and the destination chalk. Breaking the chalk is an imprecise process. A character breaking a stick chooses a number of inches intended from one end but the inches left on that end are adjusted by 2d4-5 inches. For example, an 8 inch stick is found intact and a character attempts to break it 3 inches from the end. He rolls a 3 on 2d4 for a -2, leaving a 1-inch and a 7-inch piece.

The total length of chalk found can be rolled as 4d6 inches if desired, splitting it across sticks no less than 6 inches long.

The transportation cannot cross planes.

Experience Point Value: 100 per inch

G.P. Sale Value: 300 per inch

I like magic chalk. I haven’t come up with many types, but Rovert has been very happy with his chalk that can only be erased with the same chalk that drew it.

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4 Responses to Biweekly Item-Chalk of Return (AD&D)

  1. Could I draw a circle around a boulder, then surreptitiously draw a circle around a throne and have the boulder appear in the space?

    What happens when two objects try to occupy the same space?

    If you can’t send material into an occupied circle, I could see drawing a circle around a boulder, then drawing the second circle high on a vertical wall above the throne (some sort of flight + invisibility)?

    This is Portal Gun Chalk! =)

    • jameseck says:

      Now, the destination is always drawn first, but you could get away with drawing it under the carpet around the throne or on the ceiling or wall above if they don’t notice.

      As far as collisions, in Mind Weave I handle it by having the arriving object get pushed to the nearest open space and take damage from squeezing back into reality. In D&D, I think they precedent is some kind of merger. Portal Gun Chalk indeed!

      • It behooves one to designate a place into which one goes not. Like a Star Trek transporter room pad.
        Actually, if you could get enough chalk, that’d be the ticket. Pre-draw several circles from different sticks in a “lock-out/tag-out” safe room and take their corresponding halves on the adventure. You could move a lot of copper that way.
        Ooh! or an enclosed wagon you take with you and leave with the hirelings while you go into a dungeon or whatever.
        Aha! Both! You give a trusted hireling the transporter room chalk end, they resend from the wagon to home. Might save some inches.

      • jameseck says:

        I like the way you think. You could single pipe out of the dungeon where you have attentive henchmen getting things off the pad and then multi-pipe back home where the pads may be largely unattended.

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