Haven: The Dragon At Flat Shore

On September 4th, Year 12, a couple of powerful adventurers decide to deal with a dragon that Gorg has been telling stories about seeing of the southern coast in a the ruins of a place the old lizardfolk South Kingdom called Flatshore:

  • Ragnvaldr (TrS): Level 13 Human Fighter (Level 3 Keep)
  • Rowan (MiM): Level 9 Elf Magic-user (Healing)
  • Gorg (TrS): Level 8 Orc Thief

They borrow Verdis’ flying island manor for transport (mostly of the treasure they expect to bring back), agreeing to cut Bill and his crew in for a couple of shares. The island carries them to sea by the morning the 13th, where they pass over Hope (which is rebuilding after August’s hurricane).

Bill turns the island out over the sea to fly along the coast, using his navigational telescope to sight the spires of Flatshore and calculate their approach. As they draw near (the island stops very slowly, remember), an unnatural storm picks up around the flooded city. They decide to maintain their course, rather than turn away (since Bill is already decelerating at maximum) and come to a stop, barely able to see the tallest spire through the torrential rain.

Rowan casts a portal spell targeting the upper chambers of the spire and Gorg leads the way through. He appears under a telescope observing the island and gets into hiding quickly, seeing a few winged and tentacled lizardfolk operating the telescope and several lizardfolk with gills and vestigial wings and tentacles with bows standing by facing the island as well. With no screaming or other sign from Gorg, Ragnvaldr follows and gets up his protective dome to cut off the archers. Between the three of them, they quickly take out the priestly foes handling the telescope (though Rowan is hit by a death beam) and Rowan’s death bursts stop the archers from getting help, though the last two he has to hit blindly through the floor.

They quickly loot, expecting any moment to be attacked, but nothing comes, until Rowan hears bat-like wings in the storm. As instructed, the island has already started retreating a short way off, but as they look into the storm they see only winged lizardfolk circling the tower. They pick off a couple, taking one crossbow bolt and dodging a bolt that sizzles through the rain and melts the stone of a pillar it strikes. This puts Ragnvaldr in fear for his magical armor and they proceed down the spire.

Ten floors down, finding each floor desolate, windswept, and damp with the torrential rain outside. The stairs down to the next floor descend into ocean water, heaving with the waves and the storm. Ragnvaldr came prepared with plentiful water breathing potions, but doesn’t want to go into the water with the purple dragon still out there.

They climb the tower again, Gorg in the lead spotting some winged lizardfolk lying in ambush. One of the lizardfolk has a glowing crossbow bolt. The lizardfolk fight a slow retreat, using acid spit to get damage down stair wells and destroy stairs to cut off the party. Rowan casts spells up through the floor and Gorg climbs the outside (a very good climber, but still struggling in the storm). They eventually force the lizardfolk to retreat, killing only one, but Rowan is badly injured when damaged stairs collapse under Ragnvaldr, exposing Rowan to fire.

PXL_20210905_011052132Gathered again on the top level, they hear massive wings beating and know the dragon is circling, climbing, through the diminishing storm. Ragnvaldr moves into position near the stairs and falls right into the dragon’s plan, who grapples him with massive tentacles and bites down on him after he lands a powerful hammer blow. Rowan blows the last of his spell points and throws an exploding marble, but Gorg manages some sneak strikes, taking an eye and slaying the dragon before it can bite down on Ragnvaldr again.

They call the island back after seeing no more enemies active in the area and descend the tower again. Ragnvaldr downs his potions and goes into the water to gather the dragon horde with the help of the island crew and ropes from the tower. They spend the evening and the next morning assessing their loot and making sure they get everything. They return home and all level up.

The spire in the storm was such an amazing fight between the annoying retreating lizardfolk and the dragon managing to grab Ragnvaldr (who is built to lay into powerful creatures with big hits). I have a feeling this won’t be the last time we visit Flat Shore.

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