Biweekly Item-Shadow Ball (AD&D)

This alchemical creation is a spongey ball about 4 inches in diameter. When thrown, impact with a hard surface causes it to emit smoke that, rather than disperse into the air, gathers toward the nearest source of light or sources. This smoke reduces the range of illumination for these light sources according to the table below:

Reduction of illumination by number of lights

The smoke is somewhat caustic and stings the eyes, nose, and throat. A character holding a light dimmed by the smoke for 1 round or more can close their eyes and hold their breath, but otherwise makes a roll under their Constitution with a -1 per light source to avoid being blinded for 1d4 turns and a 25% reduction in how long they can perform continuous physical activity.

The smoke lasts for 1 turn, but is easily dispersed by wind or defeated by a splash of half a gallon of water (spread across multiple lights if needed).

Experience Point Value: 100

G.P. Sale Value: 300

The “oath makers” were troubled by this over the weekend as they made a move on Ker Vedno, report on that coming soon. A fun addition to an enemy trying to create a “Tucker’s Kobolds” situation.

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