Haven: Scrying and Anti-Scrying

On August 21st, Year 12, Randall has completed the scrying oil for which he obtained the ichor from Odsev. He and Snass set out from his grove in Midas, headed to the Green Wood to find a dryad who might be able to use the oil to contact one of the missing dryads and find out where they are.

  • Randall (HuS): Level 12/6 Human Druid/Alchemist (Level 3 Druid Grove)
    • Oliver: Level 7 Winged Fox Animal Companion
    • Midas: Dryad tree house turned treant
  • Snass (TrS): Level 7 Kobold Monk
    • Irssdanish (First Claw): Awakened Wolf
    • Minssdanish (Second Claw): Awakened Wolf
    • Sinssshdanish (Third Claw): Awakened Wolf
    • Level 3 Wolf Animal Companion

They make their way quickly to the Green Wood (fight 6 giant stag beetles on the Nefil road), entering from the north near the dryad grove outside the Green Wood. They had previously encountered the Oak Mother here and hope to find dryads quickly without any trouble.

As soon as they enter (leaving the wolves at the border), they see a fey contract being executed between a quickling and a kappa with an oath maker present. The kappa is immediately wary of mortals entering, but the quickling seems particularly unsurprised by them and the oath maker confirms that they are under a fey oath that could justify their presence here. They are able to pass unmolested.

Moving Midas a short way off, Randall takes falcon form and flies above the tilted land to search the immediate area for dryads. He finds a group of them and approaches, convincing one of them to join him on a short jaunt to the mortal world to try to contact one of the missing dryads for Oak Mother. The Oak Mother’s token goes a long way to making this dubious request (to go with a stranger to the mortal world to help find dryads who recently disappeared while in the mortal world, causing Oak Mother to call them all back).

Meanwhile, at the tree home, a knock comes at the door and Snass (who would rather be anywhere but in the fey again) looks down from the balcony to see a well-dressed elf standing there. The elf is offering payment for the use of the ‘tree carriage’ carrying him to the inner edge of the Green Wood in search of a tower built there by his compatriots. Snass turns him away, saying he doesn’t own the ‘tree carriage’ and he says he will wait for Randall to return.

But when Randall returns with the dryad, the elf does not materialize again and they head directly out of the Green Wood to have the dryad try the scrying/communicating oil. While Randall is able to contact Gerald, the dryad is not able to reach the missing dryad she knows. While Snass and Randall discuss the implications of this, she contacts someone named “Sherga”, who apparently doesn’t know anything about the missing dryads, but then she tries a second missing dryad she didn’t know as well and collapses in horror and shock at what this other dryad had been transformed into.

Randall comforts her into the night until she feels better. He and Snass use more of the precious oil to verify that Randall’s scrying protection incense blocks the communication oil as well and they conclude that the dryads must be being kept somewhere shielded from prying eyes. They head to Prickly Keep to use Verdis’ mirror to inquire of all of their contacts concerning a more powerful form of scrying that might be able to penetrate such protections. 

Of all of the stories they hear from contacts, the most promising seems to be a silver dragon soul mirror, which Rovert’s people are also able to tell him about when they contact him. After contacting Rovert, Randall feels he is being scried upon and goes to bed. In the middle of the night, he lights anti-scrying incense, grabs, Snass, and heads to the God of Knowledge dragon temple.

There, he asks the God of Knowledge to meet with him in person so he can veil both of them with his last stick of incense, telling him that he suspects he is being scried on. The God of Knowledge accepts and Randall descends to his lake-side cavern, lighting his incense and inquiring concerning scrying magic. He pays most of what he can (6k gold in D&D terms) and receives significant information, including that a mighty scrying chair is behind the eye of a king statue above Ker Vedno and that the silver dragon soul mirror was taken by the dwarves and used by the dwarven king.

He also warns the God of Knowledge dragon (Parendell, he is the first to learn his name) that his enemies who might be scrying on him will be coming and asks that he not share this information with them. The God of Knowledge confirms that they are indeed scrying and yells out to them, causing Rovert to drop the connection immediately.

Randall, seeing that Parendell has a damaged eye, asks he if he would like it healed. He accepts and Randall restores the eye (which Slade, one of HuS’s other character’s died wounding), gaining great favor and a little more information about how to be safe seeking the mirror. He also warns that whoever Randall’s enemy is, he has gnomish scrying defense and dwarvish scrying technology and must be very powerful.

Randall departs and returns to his grove with Snass, intending to prepare all necessary to make the journey to Ker Vedno, which he knows Schek Garim now controls the village beneath.

Rovert will send his Death’s Shadow Cult sage to visit the God of Knowledge dragon and try and learn what Randall did, but he will wait until September 1st and will not learn nearly as much, though he will learn of the silver dragon soul mirror’s location.

I didn’t think ahead to what would happen back when they made this contract with the Great Rakshasa. The scrying/anti-scrying arms race that has resulted has been awesome. Rovert is really scrambling and barely got his lab shielded in time. Now, Randall will most likely obtain the mirror before Rovert does, that is, if he can survive in Ker Vedno. He intends to bring some of his awakened trees and ponies with him to the dwarven capitol.

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