Biweekly Item-Unlucky Coin (AD&D)

While a character has this coin in his possession, he experiences terrible luck:

  • the chance for wandering monsters is doubled
  • reaction rolls experience a -20% adjustment
  • the chance of becoming lost is increased by 2 in 10
  • the chance of contracting a disease or parasite is at +10%
  • the chance of being surprised is increased by 1 in 6
  • other risks, like being struck by lightning, having a fire start a wildfire, or equipment failure are doubled in probability

Experience Point Value: —

G.P. Sale Value: 1,000

Yes, this is the second freebie of 13 magic coins from my latest document: Pretty Pennies, Making Copper Coins Worth the Encumbrance, but don’t forget that the most important part of of the document is the numismatist NPC expert hireling.

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