Fourth Year of Haven

On July 15th, Year 3 (2017) the first adventurers called to pass through the portal in the temple of Enoch to Haven arrived in Citadel. Matthias greeted them and put them to work solving problems throughout the Vale and beyond. A lot has changed since. Their first year of activity is summarized here, the second year here, and the third year here.

Since that time, the Citadel House Adventurers have had a wild influence on the surrounding territory. Here we’ll focus on changes in the last year, which became 6 years game time with the 5 year jump over the holidays.

They have, in that six years, discovered an ancient, probably Nefil, facility at the bottom of the Vale Lake which they have not been able to clear. Related to this (and not very well-reflected in the summaries below) Rovert and Verdis have started preparing to fight the Nefil if they return to the world, as some thing they will.

The Union of Schek, who worship the Nefil, had been an ally to the Vale and even helped them conquer the West Hill March (did I mention the Vale conquered the West Hill March a few years after defeating the greatest threat to the West Hill March: the Death’s Shadow Cult?). However, with the reported threat of the Nefil returning, a few isolated adventurers tacitly helped and ultimately approved of NPC actions that brought about the fall of the Union of Schek. This has led mostly to widespread goblin and orc suffering among those goblins and orcs who had not pledged themselves to a particular Schek while living in Union lands, though the eastern West Hill March lands have also been harassed by certain Schek in the aftermath.

The main other thing is that they have started to venture more into the fey and develop better and better transit, making their missions easier to execute in general, as they still haven’t used this mobility to venture much into new territory.

For more detailed accounts of their adventures, see below:

July 18th-July 21st, Year 6: A search for a creature the animals call “the lame one” leads to a very nearly deadly encounter with the creature in his lair.
July 25th, Year 6: Devilish forces come to enforce a broken contract against Rovert and Verdis by an attack on Verdis’ Keep.
August 1st-August 6th, Year 6: Adventurers finish mapping Wraecliff’s demesne by combing through forest frequently hunted by Vale hunters.
August 8th-August 10th, Year 6: Randall makes several dive attempts in Vale Lake where he finds an ancient facility of some kind.
August 15th, Year 6: Gorg infiltrates Wraecliff’s castle looking for whatever secret he’s hiding.
August 22nd-August 28th, Year 6: Rovert and Verdis visit the facility Randall found in the lake and are nearly killed twice by the denizens there.
September 5th, Year 6: Rovert and Verdis return to the lake facility to do some more looting and try to clear it further.
September 12th-September 13th, Year 6: The Ar-a-mach attempt to stir up war between the Vale and the Dragon Empire.
September 19th-September 26th, Year 6: Rovert and Verdis follow an ancient map down river in search of ruins of the period.
September 28th-September 29th, Year 6: Rovert pays a solo visit to Ker Vedno.
October 10th, Year 6: Adventurers investigate the Wraecliff robbery from a couple months earlier.
October 17th-October 18th, Year 6: Ragnvaldr and Randall delve into the Moaning Hill.
November 1st-November 6th, Year 6: Verdis and Rovert sponsor the first tournament at Prickly Keep, inviting contestants from all nations.
November 7th-November 17th, Year 6: Ragnvaldr and Randall travel to an elvish village that has popped up in Satyr lands.
November 14th-November 15th, Year 6: Verdis and James the Grover debate for the governorship ahead of the Vale Gubernatorial election.
November 21st-November 25th, Year 6: Adventurers infiltrate the High Vale College where the lich reigns, encountering many of his allies.
November 28th-December 4th, Year 6: Rovert leads some adventurers to look into ogres roving in the south near the river.
December 5th-December 6th, Year 6: Torren is again spotted in the Vale and apprehended this time.
December 12th-December 17th, Year 6: Ellizari, the red dragon who rules the West Hill March, invites the leaders of the Vale to a party where there is a plot against her.
December 20th-December 21st, Year 6: The Death’s Shadow Dragon Cult attacks and West Hill March and Vale forces combine to confront them.
Years 7 and 8: That’s right, we played two years in a session, as we wanted some things to move faster and with only the die-hards around through Covid and the move online. In these two years, Verdis started two new keeps for other characters (both PCs and NPCs) on the Vale borders. Rovert established a school of magic and dug up and started repairs on a flying fortress. Together and with others, they started to foment revolution in the West Hill March and start to promote God of Knowledge dragon worship there.
Years 9, 10, and 11: Even more broad strokes, but the Vale promised the God of Knowledge dragon more worshipers and a cut of Ellizari’s hoard to formally become the ruler of the West Hill March and the Vale in the eyes of the Dragon Empire and touch of the revolution among her kobolds, invading simultaneously with their armies. They reach the capitol to find Ellizari has fled with her suitors. The Vale and Lord Rovert divide the West Hill March between them.
January 9th-January 12th, Year 12: A new adventurer who grew up idolizing the Citadel House Adventurers goes to Edsserish, the new city in the Vale, to hunt a ring of thieves.
January 16th-January 25th, Year 12: Adventurers investigate reports of kobolds worshipping a “wonderful bearded dragon” in the east of the West Hill March.
January 23rd-January 26th, Year 12: Adventurers investigate Union of Schek reports of elves living in an old castle in territory they have claimed.
January 30th-February 4th, Year 12: Rovert pursues new information on the location of Edelnai’s heart in the Restful Shore.
February 6th-February 21st, Year 12: Adventurers investigate reports of memory loss in satyr lands.
February 13th-February 19th, Year 12: A delegation of Vale leaders visits the Lagoran capitol to open relations with them.
February 21st-February 23rd, Year 12: Rovert hires a pair of adventurers to clear out several incomplete paddle boats in an old boatyard in his demesne.
February 26th-March 4th, Year 12: A couple of adventurers escort a gnome to the High Vale College where he hopes to gain access to the library.
March 6th-March 8th, Year 12: A gnoll recruits a handful of adventurers to help gain access to an old temple.
March 13th-April 5th, Year 12: Upset adventurers make their way to gnollish lands.
March 20th-March 26th, Year 12: Rovert sends a second wave of adventurers to the boat yard to finish the job.
March 27th-April 8th, Year 12: Some adventurers investigate an unusual plinth reported on the far side of Vale lake and become aware of a plague.
April 6th-April 18th, Year 12: Malcom and Victor continue to search for Deston, the gnoll who betrayed them, following the Union of Schek army and searching in Gilded Falls.
April 17th-April 20th, Year 12: A couple of adventurers hunt Union of Schek mercenary deserters in the eastern West Hill March.
May 1st-May 5th, Year 12: Rovert goes in search of the legendary Schek Molva.
May 8th-May 12th, Year 12: Rovert hires adventurers to enter the fey and retrieve the Soaring Stones.
May 15th-May 22nd, Year 12: Rovert releases his ancient map of the area south of the Vale and adventurers go to check some of the ruins.
May 22nd-May 27th, Year 12: Adventurers continue to search for ruins along the south shore.
May 29th-June 3rd, Year 12: A band of adventurers returns to the roach tower hoping to put an end to them once and for all.
June 5th-June 8th, Year 12: The oath-bound adventurers search for any sign of the missing dryads.
June 12th, Year 12: The oath-bound adventurers investigate the massive caves south of Shadow Spires.
June 19th, Year 12: Adventurers investigate rumors that Gaire Glice is skimming from the Vale mint.
June 26th-July 5th, Year 12: Adventurers travel into the northern mountains searching for fog creating frogs rumored to be found there.
July 3rd-July 5th, Year 12: Some adventurers try to find a missing half a book from Ada Wraecliff’s library.
July 9th-July 12th, Year 12: Rovert travels to the mountains himself on prior intelligence to collect an interesting undead and more fog frogs for the troll king.
July 17th-July 22nd, Year 12: Adventurers make another run through the fey to get soaring stones, this time better prepared to bring back significant numbers.
July 24th-August 21st, Year 12: The Vale’s most powerful adventurers, including Governor Verdis and Lord Rovert, disappear for an extended period, hoping to quietly put an end to the ongoing Ar-a-mach threat.
August 7th-August 11th, Year 12: The oath-bound adventurers travel to Odsev Mirror Factory in search of materials to help them pursue their oath.

The Players

All my players have been amazing to work with. I hope we have a long future ahead. Let’s meet them all! (In order of recent participation, roughly.)

TrS has really started to drive activity with his main character still getting a little play, but also doing a lot of political work and hiring adventurers for many of the sessions we play.

  • Rovert, Level 22 Human Necromancer, has great influence from his wizard tower, Shadow Spires, but projects further influence with the Clouded Citadel (under Conan’s command), his school of magic, and other establishments abroad
  • Ragnvaldr, Level 13 Human Fighter, was given command of Shield Keep by Verdis and was important in leading forces to conquer West Hill March. He sees less play lately as TrS introduces more characters.
  • Q, Level 7 Human Thief (Assassin), has spent significant time travelling with Matthias in his missionary work and has seen little play.
  • Snass, Level 7 Kobold Monk, is one of those who was subjected to a fey oath that has guided his play a lot. He is somewhat loyal to Rovert and does a lot of his hired jobs.
  • Victor, Level 6 Elf Thief, grew up admiring the Citadel House Adventurers and joined them when he came of age during the 5 year jump. He seeks out stealth-oriented missions.
  • Chiron, Level 3 Human Hunter, accompanied Osiris to establish a stronghold along the south river and has not been very active.
  • Trevor, Level 2 Human Musician, arrived and went on one mission with the marching band last year. He was probably made just for the purpose.
  • Donehogawa, Level 1 Centaur Fighter, came looking for his brother Dohasan. Finding he had sworn himself to Rovert, Donehogawa stayed as well.
  • Bart “the soon to be Bard”, Level 2 Halfling Musician, Deceased.

HuS has been back in play consistently this year and has had a big impact in the world with leading invasions and the general expansion in the Vale. His activities are big enough that both he and I have trouble keeping up with it all.

  • Verdis, Level 17 Human Fighter, has become the governor of the Vale in Matthias’ place and settled down a lot more. He has expanded the Vale as promised and strengthened her defenses.
  • Randall, Level 12/6 Human Druid/Alchemist, used the five year jump to go wild with alchemical research and has significant power beyond his level. His ability to awaken is also changing the world rapidly as awakened creatures become common henchmen.
  • Gorg, Level 8 Orc Thief, became more active in this year and is frequently invited on adventures where his wagon is useful. Other forms of transit are common at higher levels, so he often has lower level companions.
  • Malcom, Level 6 Human Cleric of the Empty Tomb, had several missions, including hunting Deston, the mission which precipitated the fall of the Union of Schek.
  • Agon, Level 5 Elf Magic-user, has been inactive, but is frequently consulted for the use of his magical book of knowledge.
  • Slade, Level 1 Human Fighter, Deceased

MiM became if anything more active when the campaign had to move online. He is still quiet and plays a supporting role for other things going on, with even his highest level character operating the Clouded Citadel on Rovert’s behalf.

  • Conan, Level 15 Elf-Vampire Magic-user, is a close ally of Lord Rovert and operates his stronghold/establishment the Clouded Citadel. He is officially Rovert’s spy master and frequently accompanies him on missions.
  • Rowan, Level 9 Elf Magic-user, saw little play this last year except to fight the plague that emerged. The plague was somewhat forgotten but may make a return.
  • Polly, Level 5 Dwarf Brawler, was bound by the fey oath, which has caused him to see more play than normal.
  • Harold, Level 4 Halfling Thief, has seen a lot of play on the stealth missions driven by Victor’s advent as an adventurer.
  • Edrej, Level 2/2 Gnome  Magic-user/Alchemist, is the only gnomish character so far. He became a teacher at Rovert’s school and sometimes performs research for him.
  • Warren, Level 2 Dwarf Fighter, has not been played this year, is said to have joined Verdis’ armies.
  • Lester, Level 2 Human Thief, Imprisoned

EnS fell off quite a bit with the move online, but got excited to come back. Hopefully we’ll keep seeing a lot of him. He put in a lot on the spreadsheets to run his character smoothly

  • Stephen, Level 11 Human Thief, solved some major crime and is now serious about getting out and adventuring with his rifle and magical crossbows.
  • Milo, Level 3 Halfling Musician, hasn’t seen play, but is rumored due to his significant work with Lord Mistershem to get his people instruments that synergize with his trombone, Brody.

JaH was scare during the online phase and hasn’t come back since.

  • Mark, Level 6 Halfling Thief, has been on some extremely dangerous missions for his experience and has done a good job keeping out of danger while being effective.
  • Jeff, Level 2 Elf Magic-user, had the distinction of having low-rolled stats and a character concept as ill-conceived as only first characters can be.
  • Zak, Level 1 Human Hunter, has been on one mission, borrowed by JaH’s cousin.

WaB left on a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ. He still likes to hear what’s going on from time to time, and maybe we’ll get him back some day.

  • Earl “the Lash” Nigell, Level 6/4 Human Fighter/Tinker, founded a Tinkers College among the gnomes.
  • Aronis, Level 5 Human Magic-user, has been passive for a while.
  • Lash, Level 2 Human Thief, has avoided going out, but still stands by for an appropriate task.

CoB was pretty much unavailable during the online period, but may be coming back.

  • Osiris, Level 7 Elf Magic-user, founded a stronghold near the South Confluence River called Ogrefel.
  • Caramon, Level 3 Human Fighter, hasn’t seen play
  • Cripis, Level 2 Halfling Fighter, Deceased.
  • Marvin, Level 1 Human Monk Acolyte, played a single session with little progress.
  • Sipric, Level 1 Human Fighter, has not gone out.

CoS has been on a few more missions this year, we haven’t seen him since shifting to digital, but I suspect he will pop in again when we return to in person play.

  • Carl “Sir Mage-a-lot” Shivenleaf, Level 3 Elf Magic-user, was once a casino magician. He has tagged along on a random smattering of missions in the last year.
  • Snickerton, Level 2 Halfling Musician, went on one intense dungeon delve and will be a fun character in the future.
  • Hugo, Level 1 Kobold Thief, has so far been on one mission where he was more of a liability than an asset.

QuS was convinced to come by EnS (his brother) and I, but only stuck around for one session. I still hope to see him back.

  • Maui, Level 1 Satyr Thief, accompanied a band of thieves to the south and had a bad time of it, but hasn’t returned since.

I cut I think one more player this year who hasn’t played much at all and nothing in the last year. The rest had at least one session, though many of them exactly one. With the move back to the physical table and a long time since our last recruiting cycle, I think I may be recruiting again soon.

With that summary, the campaign continues. Be sure to check back for more play reports and so much more.

If you’ve made it this far, then you’re awesome! But seriously, if you’re this dedicated to the blog, you should check out some of the modules I offer.

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