Anatomy of a Caster: Rorrik

Today the first real action in Harbinger of Excellence went live with Episode 13. Anyone who wanted to go deeper into the magic seen in today’s episode might enjoy this post exploring Rorrik’s magic and how it fits in the Mind Weave magic system.

Ipiera’s magic, using the Mind Weave magic system, is primitive, meaning that not all of the syllables are known as seen in Phaedra’s research in Episode 11, and as will continue to be explored. Fingers are pretty simple, but their indirect positions and interactions with other things are not yet well understood. The biggest difference is in the arms, the arcs and radii of the arcane circle. For example, it is not well understood that the Oh arc can extend the range of a spell as well as produce wind. Most importantly, few of the advanced arcs or radii are mastered, and those that are are only by special individuals.

This brings us to Rorrik. Like all students of magic at the Lorem School of Excellence, he learned basic fire attack spells (ki, jai, wind indirect finger, fire finger) and a little healing (de, grai, life finger). He pursued his studies in magic more deeply than that starting class, focusing principally on utility magics like weather and warding. During his time at the school, he researched weather magic with Malack and achieved advanced mastery of the Neta radius. He was, along with Malack, on the cutting edge of weather magic. After leaving the school, he may even have moved beyond Malack in wind manipulation with his advanced mastery of the Oh arc. These advancements alone make him one of the most powerful mages in the continent.

But he didn’t stop there. After leaving the school, Rorrik achieved advanced mastery of the Ros radius, which allows him to cast his psuedo-teleportation and silence magic seen in today’s episode. He alone has mastered the stealth and travel arc to such an extent, but his weather and healing magic are much more critical to his following’s success, even if his ability to infiltrate was more significant to the episode.

If you’re curious what I’m talking about, maybe you should check out Harbinger of Excellence over on Kindle Vella.

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