Rise of Lolith S11-Evren’s Clone

As soon as Argent hears the sound and starts to move, the intruder on their camp rushes directly toward where Evren is hiding. To his surprise, it is a dark-skinned, female elf, only the second he has ever seen. While the newly arrived drow dodges a fire gout and Argent hurries to catch her, Evren meets her head on.

  • Evren (BiW): Level 6 Drow Psion Thief
  • Labkost (ByW): Level 6 Gnome Magic-user
  • Argent Smith (RiH): Level 6 Human Monk

As they wrestle, the new arrival’s clothes change to match Evren’s. Argent isn’t sure who to attack, but Labkost starts taking his chances on fire gouts as he does the best he can to pick a target.

Eventually, Labkost brings one of the two down and the other breaks away from the struggle saying, “well done, Labkost.” This, of course, raises immediate suspicions for both Labkost and Argent. Argent moves in with fierce punches that soon drop the other.

After verifying that the first to fall was indeed the true Evren (based on significant magical equipment on the other one), they awaken her and then bind and awaken the other. They learn that she has memories of only a short time being alive and truly believes Lolith to be good and Evren to be evil. She says that she and Evren are the same person, but doesn’t elaborate much.

In the end, they let her go, to return to Lolith who didn’t approve her plan to seek Evren out. They continue back to the villages where they have been training werewolves to manage their condition, but Evren continues to dream through the eyes of her clone and witnesses her returning to Lolith’s castle only for Lolith to be enraged at her failure, striking her with lightning. Over the next few days Evren’s dreams are plagued with her clone being tortured by Lolith with the express purpose of tormenting Evren herself in her dreams.

They become determined to return to Lolith’s castle and confront her once and for all.

A pretty short session in the end. We never know how a night is going to go and we aren’t able to play as often as we used to. Nevertheless, this campaign will have a conclusion, and not terribly soon if I have my way.

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