Product Release: Pretty Pennies

Just a little late to my monthly release for July, I present Pretty Pennies: Making Copper Pieces Worth the Encumbrance. I’m very pleased with the outcome for the month, even if I needed a little extra time. A continued effort in the next month should produce another big one, or maybe I fail and fall back on a small one. Anticipate!

This document is designed to help add value to denominations of coins below gold pieces. It does so in three ways: magic coins that can be found in piles of coins, a new NPC expert hireling who can increase the monetary value of hoards of coins beyond face value, and example of how emotionally charged coins can enhance the powers of the fey.

Get it on drivethrurpg:

If magic coins, numismatists, and fey channeling emotions appeal to you, you might just be the right kind of crazy to enjoy my stuff. After you’re done getting this one you should check out my other stuff.

Special thanks to Rick Stump’s Discord for the broad ideas in this document when I asked about the Keep on the Borderlands players not caring to haul out copper.

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