Haven: Back to the Top of the World

On July 17th, Year 12, Snass and Polly justify to themselves that they need more funds to finance their pursuit of the dryads as they have sworn to the Great Rakshasa. They decide to seek those funds by returning through the fey to get more soaring stones to sell to Rovert, in case they can run into more useful information. They enlist Gorg for the use of his wagon and have another tag-along:

  • Gorg (HuS): Level 7 Orc Thief
    • Shergi: Level 1 Goblin Magic-user Henchman
  • Snass (TrS): Level 6 Kobold Monk
    • Irsshdanish: Level 1 Awakened Wolf Brawler Henchman
    • Minsshdanish: Level 0 Awakened Wolf Henchman
    • Level 3 Wolf Animal Companion
  • Polly (MiM): Level 5 Dwarf Brawler
  • Hugo (CoS): Level 1 Kobold Thief

PXL_20210718_001031341Already the victim of two fey oaths, Snass wants to achieve the mission while spending as little time as possible in the fey. They find they edge of the Green Wood and, assuming it to be circular and having tested the relative distances inside and out, set out tangentially to it and travel 15 miles (the distance in the fey they hope to avoid travelling). Their travel is greatly slowed by heavy rain and rough terrain not suited to the wagon. They attempt a right angle turn back toward the Green Wood but by nightfall are concerned that they may have gone far enough away that they are on course to pass it completely. They camp without any incident.

In the morning, Snass has made some estimates about the radius of they Green Wood based on a very limited understanding of it and they decide to turn again toward it, erring on the side of going not as far as they want to to avoid accidentally ending up on the Blood Wood end of the Green Wood. They come upon a Schek Garim orc who thinks they’re mad for going into the Green Wood (even for something as valuable as flying rocks), but he confirms it is nearby. The decide to turn once more just to be sure they haven’t come too far around the Green Wood.

They soon enter the Green Wood and Snass climbs a tree to get a look around. A racoon-like fey confronts him in the tree and, in exchange for some powerful satyr alcohol, informs him that they are a short distance from the border with the Weeping Rocks. They cross into the Weeping Rocks and follow the technique the Great Rakshasa taught them to, in just a few miles of travel, bypass the whole of the Weeping Rocks.

However, as they enter the Weeping Rocks again, singing enthralls all of them but Snass. While Snass gets all of the henchmen out of the Weeping Rocks, he returns to find that the child-like dancers have surrounded Gorg’s wagon and that Gorg, Polly, and Hugo are dancing with the fey. While he attempts to pull them out, he gets pulled into the dance as well.

The dancers lead them deeper into the fey where they say there is water that will help them find the soaring stones they seek. Snass, though not enthralled, goes along with it hoping to find a chance to free the others. When they reach the water and the other are about to drink, Snass acts, throwing a net on the two of the fey. Their is a brief scuffle as he traps another but once the other three have drunk, the fey seem content to withdraw, giggling as they go.

Snass leads the others back around the party and out of the Weeping Rocks, despite their misgivings about it being the right way. They meet up again with Shergi and the wolves and enter again to retrieve the wagon. They find that the party has ended but there is an old crone in the wagon. Not wanting a confrontation, they allow her to leave with a box of stuff that Gorg hasn’t touched since taking the wagon from the gnomish saboteur. Gorg also realizes that the fey took his precious “F” pin he got from the art gallery during the dance.

Snass leads them upward toward the top of the fey where the soaring stones are, again having to overcome the insistence of the others that they are going the wrong way. There, they capture enough soaring stones that they worry any more will make it hard to keep the wagon on four wheels, plus a fey that happened by hinted that patrols would catch them. They hurry back down to where they entered the fey (getting a little lost) and escape into the surrounding woods. It is already late and they make camp.

During his watch, Hugo gets lost coming back from a visit to the bushes and the others are awakened by his screams. They find him bitten by a giant tick and help him get out of the marshy ravine where there are others.

In the morning, they head back through the Weeping Rocks into the Green Wood and back out into the natural world. While Hugo runs off looking for squirrels (getting terribly lost again), the rest encounter Schek Garim orcs who insist they turn over the soaring stones they have acquired. While Snass stalls, Gorg sneaks into the woods. With Gorg sniping with his crossbow and Snass riding his wolf forward to slay their leader and some others, the orcs soon break and flee. Snass makes the others promise to stay put and goes out to find Hugo by his cries for help.

With continued rain, including heavy rain from predawn until after noon on the 21st, it takes them two days to return to the Vale where they sell Rovert the stones for a hefty sum. They dock Hugo some of his shares for a lack of contribution and being a significant liability.

Once again most of the players wanted to go after the Ar-A-Mach, but it didn’t make sense with a level 1 character. We finally did this week, though. Look forward to that.

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