Lorem School of Excellence: The Tower/Dungeon

Today, Episode 6 of Harbinger of Excellence goes live. It’s named “The Dungeon” after the lower floors of the Occult Building, home to the School of the Occult (Math, Science, Lore, and Magic), as well as the school’s library (The Dungeon). I might have redrawn the map from this one I did for myself nearly a decade ago, but I’m actually pretty pleased with how it depicts the building:

You may have noticed notes about the number of professors and such. Three professors in the Lore and Magic Department: Malack (Head), Victor, and Helga, and four in the Math and Science Department: Winston (Head), Sadicus, and two more I haven’t named and who I don’t anticipate needing to name in the book. I want the school to feel fleshed out and real with the number of professors it actually takes to run a small college. This is just the smallest School with its two departments. The Humanities School is the largest (4 Departments, 15 Professors) and the Martial School is the other (3 Departments, 13 Professors).

The first three episodes are the largest, and you can access them for free! They should quickly give you an idea of whether you’ll like the book: Harbinger of Excellence.

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