Biweekly Monster-Arcane Mutant Troll (AD&D)

ScoutTrollsArcane Mutant Troll
ARMOR CLASS: 4 (see below)
MOVE: 12″
HIT DICE: 8 + 8 to 13 +13
% IN LAIR: 60%
DAMAGE/ATTACK: 5-10/5-10/3-18
SPECIAL DEFENSES: Regeneration, see below
ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Evil
SIZE: L (12’+ tall)
Attack/Defense Modes: See below

Trolls, with their regenerative powers, are well suited to survive and even thrive in the presence of arcane emissions that would almost certainly kill a less hardy creature, whether immediately or over time. When a troll lives more less permanently in the presence of such harmful radiation, it inevitably experiences mutations, rejecting malign ones that don’t result in immediate death and accepting beneficial ones until it eventually stops being affected by that particular radiation.

A troll of this kind will have 0-10 (2d6-2) mutations, gaining 1+1 HD per two mutations. Each mutation can be chosen or determined randomly:

2d4Mutation Description
2Psionics, psionic strength 1d100 (+8 per time indicated after first)
3Levitation 1 turn per day (1 round subdivisions), doubles if repeated
4Armor Class reduced by 1, multiple reductions are possible
5Claws and bite are +1 weapons, + increments each time indicated
6Magic resistance of 10%, +10% each time indicated
7Invisibility 1 hour per day (1 turn subdivisions), doubles if repeated, reroll 7th
8Spells as level 1 (1-6 magic-user, 7-9 illusionist, 10 druid), +1 level if repeated
Random generation of mutations if desired. More mundane results are more heavily weighted.

Arcane mutant trolls are highly territorial, at least subconsciously recognizing their lair as the source of their new powers. While they do venture out of their lair frequently to hunt and the like, they are more likely than common trolls to spend time in their lair and return their often, paranoid that someone will have intruded there.

This is something I’ve had on the backlog for a while and with the Haven players having met Grandidge, it seems like about time to have taken a first stab at the thing. I wish I had had come up with something more imaginative for the psionics entry.

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4 Responses to Biweekly Monster-Arcane Mutant Troll (AD&D)

  1. There’s no reason the Trolls need to have mutated normal or perfect psionic ability, it is a secret weapon, like the magic, or levitation; an additional psionic “trick” to keep players on their toes. No need for them to be able to fight Mind Flayers on the regular.

    So add a sub-table to the psionics (just as you’ll have pre-made in the books for the spells known on a Nat 8 roll). First time the Nat 2 is rolled sets the points and gets a roll for a single particular skill on the sub-table (or maybe an attack _and_ a defense? I don’t know how psionics works.) Any subsequent Nat 2 rolls get an additional roll on the sub table.

    01-10 – Psionic Blast
    11-20 – Mind Blank
    21-30 – Mind Thrust
    31-40 – Thought Shield
    41-50 – Ego Whip
    51-60 – Mental Barrier
    61-70 – Id Insinuation
    71-80 – Intellect Fortress
    81-90 – Psychic Crush
    91-00 – Tower of Iron Will

    • jameseck says:

      Just the one trick could make sense. As written, if they are generated like a character, then they will get a small selection of powers as well.

      • Just perused the ol’ PHB. Adding a chance at Disciplines might be even cooler, maybe. Gives you “spells” on both ends of the rolls. Does Dispel Magic effect them, RAW?

        Imagine your hardened player who is probably unfamiliar with psionics faced with multiple spell-effects from a troll. Who then thinks, “Ok, weird. Some kinda ‘Troll Magi.’ But I can handle this… ‘I cast Dispel Magic.'”

        “What do you mean, “It doesn’t seem to work!!!!!?????'”

      • jameseck says:

        Yeah, I’ll have to look at how the disciplines are determined. They seem like a fun one.

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