Haven: Missing Half a Book

On July 3rd, Year 12,some adventurers are looking for something to do close to home during a heat wave and decide to see about this book that Lady Ada Wraecliff was sold only half of: Great Achievement of Elven Artifice. She is offering a significant sum to anyone who can get her the other half or better yet the full thing.

  • Stephen (EnS): Level 11 Human Thief
    • Animus, Level 3 Hawk Animal Companion
  • Malcom (HuS): Level 6 Human Cleric of the Empty Tomb
    • Tom, Level 7 Skeleton (Bracelet of Prior Visage)
    • Sparkle, Level 4 Skeleton
    • Drake, Level 2 “Bounder”
  • Warren (MiM): Level 2 Dwarf Fighter
  • Marvin (CoB): Level 1 Human Monk

The party heads up to Castle Wraecliff and meet with Ada, who shows them the book, written by Erret Zjarr. She tells them she bought it from a gnome named Luath Buidseach who she has only met the one time, but who she knows to be a friend of Skromno’s.

Thus informed, they make their way down to Wraeville and Skromno’s Wonders and Amazement (a large auction house that has been focusing on exotic farm supplies in recent years). Skromno eagerly greets them and they learn that Luath Buidseach is one of Skromno’s suppliers and is due to arrive the next day with more goods. In the meantime, he invites them to look at his wares, since he originally opened expecting to be selling goods to adventurers and hasn’t received much of such business.

After purchasing magical/alchemical armor and ammunition, among other things, they decide to wait until the next day to meet Luath. When Luath arrives the evening of the 4th, Marvin steals a mechanical beetle while the others speak with him, trying to convince him to divulge information about the source of the book. He admits that his source for the book steals goods from the Archivist vaults, but he is adamant that if the Archivists had the full book, they would have scribed copies of that and disposed of the incomplete copy. Despite his assertions, they offer him 50 gold coins (a fourth of what Ada is offering) for the other half of the book if he can find it. He tells them he’ll be back in two weeks with more stuff.

On the 5th, with no hard leads, they decide to head down the Nefil Road and into the Clinging Wood clearing dangers, mostly due to Stephen’s desire to put his newly enchanted crossbows and bolts to the test. On the road, the encounter what the Black Hammer Gnolls labelled the “Wandering Rock” in the middle of the road. While they kick the rock, gambados attack. They nearly bring Marvin down, but the party handles them in the end, with Malcom and Stephen fighting well.

With Marvin wounded and wanting head back, Stephen decides he’d find more consistent challenges in Moaning Hill. They head back along the Nefil Road and send Marvin back to the Vale before delving in. After one chamber with many diverging paths, they come to another chamber with several giant bats. These bats pose little threat to the party and they press on into their chamber, seeing a large brass vase with tubes coming from its cap in the center of the room. They send Sparkle to wade through the guano and pull it out to them and they find the tubes go to a number of smaller containers on the sides of the vase.

They drag the device to the surface and determine that it is some kind of alchemical bomb of unknown power. They have Tom and Sparkle carry it back to the Vale. Malcom levels up.

I don’t mind at all that this session became a shopping session. The truth is that they lack the information to find Lady Wraecliff’s book, but I want her request for it to be out there to inform their searching in the world. The later part of the session, venturing into unknown territory, is really how I’d like them to spend most of their time, but it doesn’t work if I’m pushing them to it.

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