Biweekly Item-Dryad’s Brush (AD&D)

This brush, with wiry bristles made from pine or cactus needles, still has the mossy hair of a dryad tangled in the bristles. Picking this hair out of the brush ruins its powers (though the hair may have other alchemical uses). It has various and random magical effects when used to brush a hairy or furry creature, at least for the first 3-12 uses while the magic lingers.

01-20Heals the recipient for 2d6 HP
21-25Turns the recipient’s hair/fur to gold
26-30The user becomes infatuated with the recipient, cured with remove curse
31-40The recipient’s hair turns to sticks and twigs
41-50The recipient becomes invisible for 1 turn
51-55The user can no longer see the recipient, who also believes he is invisible
56-70The recipient’s hair turns a random unnatural color
71-85The recipient gains the ability to use charm person on one individual of the opposite gender in the next day
86-90The recipient’s hair grows 1 foot per hour, it cannot be cut, cured with remove curse
91-00The recipient’s hair lights on fire dealing 2-8 hp of damage

Experience Point Value: 3000
G.P. Sale Value: 5000

You should feel free to insert your own effects, after all, these effects are not reflective of the brush found by the Haven players.

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