The Book of Jex-Chapter 17

And so, with the way open before us, we small folk—as the giants called us—descended the stairs with Aavon’s mechanical army behind us to scout the way for our larger friends. And behold, we burned away dozens of purple wyrmlings, lest they be a threat to us if left behind. We proceeded then, into the caverns until we came upon Imriss’ hoard.

But behold, the coins rose up, buffeted by air elementals, and attacked us. They were soon dealt with, by the power of Torm. Proceeding, we saw and heard cultists of a forsaken snake god. They spoke with Imriss and then departed. And now, as I moved the earth to enter the chamber where they had been, Imriss emerged at attacked us. Her mighty bite nearly slew me, but Felgolos arrived, intervening before she could attack further.

Though I wished to be courageous in Torm’s name, I withdrew that her fire might the longer burn Imriss, and indeed, the spirit of Torm strengthened me, as it did Brother Grigori, to resist her frightening dragonness. And so with force and fire, arrows and fists, we struck upon the vile wyrm until Heckaton closed with her, cutting her down with mighty sword.

With the enemy slain, I excavated the rest of her treasures, returning to King Heckaton the scepter that would free his daughter from the giant throne. And behold, he declared that from thenceforth the giants and the small folk would be friends to fight against the evil of dragons. And he returned to Maelstrom to restore the ordening.

And so it was that Torm, by the hands of his champions: D’irak, Aavon, Grigori, and Jex, saved the world from both Imriss’ evil plot and from the chaos of the giant ordening collapsing. His name be praised.

This is the end of this campaign. BiW did a great job and I’ll soon have a full retrospective of the campaign coming. Before I do, I want to clarify that Jex’s claims that Torm guided the quest were not shared by all the party. Aavon worshipped Gond and D’irak worshipped no god in particular, though Brother Grigori was on the same page and in fact a mentor to Jex as he sought to learn her doctrine.

My character, Jex, is a Half-elf Celestial Warlock with the Urchin background. The Book of Jex will be the story of his spiritual journey from being a chaotic neutral street denizen doing whatever it takes to survive to becoming a noble and courageous servant of Torm willing to give his life for the greater good.

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