Rise of Lolith S10-The Dragon God

With the party accompanying Irvik northward, after a few days they come to a clearing convenient to continue teaching him of the moon’s movement so he can manage his werewolf condition. While they sleep, Evren dreams that she is in an opulent room where Lolith speaks to her lovingly.

  • Evren (BiW): Level 5 Drow Psion Thief
  • Labkost (ByW): Level 5 Gnome Magic-user
  • Argent Smith (RiH): Level 5 Human Monk

In the morning, as they break camp, a yellow dragon (40 feet long) approaches. Evren and Labkost hide in the trees, but Argent and Irvik meet it and though they try to explain the Irvik is sick with a transforming disease, the dragon is sure he called out to her for help and is now under some kind of elven mind control. To satisfy her, they allow Irvik to go with her, but implore her to keep him secure in the moonlight to confirm what they claim about his condition. They will wait for them to return in several days after it has been confirmed.

While they wait, they are attacked by a second, smaller (30 feet long) yellow dragon. They beat it down, but are careful to leave it alive. Argent revives it and it flees. When seven days have passed, the yellow dragon returns with Irvik and entrusts him to them to continue teaching him in the hopes his malady can be cured.

They proceed southward again with Irvik. One night, Evren has another dream. In this one, she is tracking someone through the forest, the same forest they travelled that day. She forces herself to awake and sees in the sky the same moon that was shining down in her dream. She sees Irvik’s donkey and recalls that she was tracking four people and a donkey in her dream. Fearful, she awakes the others to all watch. While Argent watches from hiding, he hears the sound of someone moving very quietly, detected only because of his great keenness.

Very proud how Evren’s dreams worked out this session. The foreshadowing is strong for next session. let’s hope we can live up to it. The plan was for them to fight the first dragon. They managed to negotiate with it, but the second dragon was fully a random encounter roll, not a way to force the fight to happen.

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