Haven: Skimming at the Mint

On June 19th, Year 12, a couple of Citadel House adventurers decide to investigate rumors that Gaire Glice, the gnome Verdis has entrusted with minting all of the Vale coinage (in exchange for 1% of all of the coins passing through his mint), has been taking more than his cut of the coins due to his apparent wealthWindmillMap.

  • Gorg (HuS): Level 7 Orc Thief
  • Harold (MiM): Level 4 Halfling Thief

They find the old windmill (taken from Rick Stump’s Five Lairs) that Gaire restored and converted into a mint fenced in on two sides with a new cottage and a garden beside it. They see a handful Verdis’ soldiers on the now covered roof keeping watch over the mint, even if it doesn’t contain very much at any one time.

Gorg and Harold make their way into the forest and work their way around back to the back gate, creeping to the back door of the cottage where Gorg peeks through a window and sees a familiar blue glow. When he goes to gently open the door, it immediately slams shut again, locking. Moments later, they hear the front door open and shut violently. Gorg starts trying to pick the lock, but it is quite high quality and he soon hears a gnome calling to the guards on the windmill to be vigilant as he comes around the fence with a crossbow. Gorg and Harold quickly get into hiding and Gaire inspects the back lock and declares someone has been tampering with it. He tells the guards to keep an eye on the door and goes back into the windmill.

They listen to the guards on top of the windmill chat until it sounds like they are becoming inattentive and decide they want to try the front door without having to pass by the locked back door, so they creep around the front of the windmill. The door is open and they can hear guards talking inside about the heat of the mint and the summer. They climb up the face of the windmill and over the door to make their way undetected to the cottage.

Through the window, Gorg gets a better look at the source of the blue glow and recognizes a quickling fey like the one he freed from Wraecliff’s Castle. He decides they need to find out if it is indeed the same one and if it is there of its own free will. He sends Harold around back to cover the back door and bursts in through the front. A blue blur unlocks and opens the back door and runs into Harold, who grabs it long enough for Gorg to almost get there. The quickling recognizes Gorg and asks why he’s there. When Gorg says he’s there to investigate rumors of Gaire skimming from the mint, the quickling tries explain that he helps Gaire find coins that are ‘tasty’ to the fey (read “full of emotional energy) to sell to the fey and that Gaire finds coins that are special another way he doesn’t understand.

The quickling goes to get Gaire and he explains that he finds coins that have exceptional value to collectors from the coins that are run through the mint and takes them out as part of his cut, selling them to Skromno who finds wealthy buyers for them. He figures that he pretty much doubles his income in this way. They get some interesting things from the fey they trade the emotional coins to, but almost all of these coins go toward satisfying the addiction the quickling developed in Wraecliff’s dungeon. The quickling counts himself lucky that he has found an arrangement that allows him to satisfy this need without being in Sorrow’s End where addicted fey inevitably become desperate and end up in Feymourn Forest.

Gorg and Harold agree to keep the arrangement quiet and spread the rumor that Gaire is just good with money, rather than that he is skimming. In exchange, they get a friend at the mint and the opportunity to bring him coins directly to find their collectible coins.

This was just a rumor they had heard and we needed a quick session. Bringing Gorg made it so much more simple than dealing with the quickling could have been.

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