Biweekly Item-Arcane Lens (AD&D)

These oculi resemble large monocles, ranging from 1′ in diameter to as large as 12′ in diameter. They are made of an alchemical glass and shaped to focus area of effect spells into a beam with length dependent on the lens. The beam extending from the lens requires a save against breath weapon rather than against spell for the same outcome as the original spell.

1d20DMultRangeWidthLbXP GP

These damage multipliers and such assume that the entire lens is contained in the area of effect of the spell. If only a partial lens is contained, consider using a diameter more similar to the area, possibly with further penalties for uncentered coverage.

No idea how to evaluate the values on this madness. Of course, these come to us because Rovert is trying to figure out how to make something like this to fight the Nephilim when they come to Haven.

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7 Responses to Biweekly Item-Arcane Lens (AD&D)

  1. So the larger ones are more like small seige engines? Portable, but like a crew-served weapon?

    • jameseck says:

      That’s certainly how I view it. I almost went with cones and a focal length to limit its use rather than just the beam, but decided to keep it simple here. I could see it as both offensive and defensive siege. Rovert intends probably to mount them on flying ships to confront giants 60+ feet tall. Once he finds the tech, he may well commission even larger ones.

      Of course, the scary thing is planting it at the end of a hall to deter dungeon delvers.

      • Lay in a supply of charged wands or scrolls and the DPM could be immense.

      • jameseck says:

        I felt bad with how weak the 1 foot variety was with the math fine correctly and buffed it up, so it being the baseline might be too much.

      • Could set up an “overload” limit based on spell level or hit dice, only so many per turn, or a total that requires a cooldown when reached. Maybe with the ability to keep working beyond the limit but with an increased chance of failure each add’l spell, with a variety of effects: burns out (could be reset), shatters, or explodes causing the current spell to take effect centered on the lens.

      • jameseck says:

        Yeah, something like this is probably a way to make it less obscene.

  2. Using a heavy machine gun or autocannon as a model. Sure, you can do continuous sustained fire, but you’re going to start to damage the gun.

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