Biweekly Item-Bag of Machines (AD&D)

Like a bag of tricks, a bag of machines looks like any other bag and is apparently empty. Upon reaching inside, a small figure of a simple machine is felt and can be pulled out. When placed on the ground it expands to full size.

1-3Lever, 80% tempered iron, 20% hard wood, 4d4 feet long
4-5Wheel and Axle, Axle 1d4 inches diameter, Wheel 3d6 inches diameter
6-7Pully, 50% one pully, 25% two pully block, 15% three pully, 10% four
8-9Incline Plane, cannot span gaps, 2d4 feet high, 3d6 feet long, 2d3 feet wide
10-11Wedge, 80% tempered iron, 20% hard wood, 1d6 in. tall, 2d6 in. long
12Screw, 40% press, 40% tapping, 20% water screw

Only one machine can be out at a time. A machine lasts 1 hour (6 turns), or until returned to the bag. Only 10 machines can be pulled from the bag per week.

Experience Point Value: 1500
G.P. Sale Value: 8000

Simple machines are pretty cool, but warning, this item will almost certainly result in players wanting to use them, so I guess understanding them will be necessary.

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4 Responses to Biweekly Item-Bag of Machines (AD&D)

  1. I like it. Opens up a raft of options for players to creatively solve problems.

    • jameseck says:

      But only if they randomly get the machine they need. It’s almost a cursed item. Ha ha.

      • I dunno. If they have to move something, the job gets easier with a lever, or a pully, or wheels. Oh, it should be wheel-s- right? like on a cart? or just one wheel with an axle like on a wheelbarrow?

      • jameseck says:

        It’s more a wheel like the crank on a well, I was surprised as well, but like a pully it increases the power in conjunction with a rope.

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