Biweekly Item-Planar Hook (AD&D)

This intricately carved and heat blackened bone fish hook is an artifact of extreme power in the hands of even the most novice of fishermen. When a fish would be caught using the hook, the user is pulled into the water and transported somewhere else:

1-55Transported a maximum of 10d10 miles to a bank within the contiguous body of water (up river, down river, elsewhere in the lake, etc.).
56-83Transported to an unconnected body of water within 20d10 miles.
84-97Transported to a random body of water in the world.
98-100Transported to the elemental plane of water or similar.

There is a 50% chance the hook is lost, though if loss is indicated, a character with Fishing proficiency (see the Wilderness Survival Guide) can make a fishing check to keep the hook.

Experience Point Value: 50
G.P. Sale Value: 300

This item definitely falls into the category of items that can suddenly and outside anyone’s expectations move the campaign in a new direction. I like being surprised.

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