Play Report: Keep on the Borderlands, Session 4 (Quasqueton Statue Heist)

Between sickness and flakiness, we ended up with only two players to continue Quasqueton with Rick Stump’s unfinished AD&D Clone (a step beyond Far Realms). After seeing a highly valuable statue in the compound during their last delve, two of the adventurers hatch an ambitious plan to get the life-sized marble statue out for a major pay day.

  • Hary (JaH): Level 1 Halfling Scout
  • Bunrum (ByW): Level 1 Dwarf Fighter


  • Rubin: Level 1 Human Man-at-arms
  • Dullis: Level 1 Human Man-at-arms

With a mule and cart purchased from the merchant’s guild, they head to the dungeon entrance and make their way in, backing the cart up to the steps outside the room with the statue, they send Hary ahead to make sure the lounge with the statue is clear. He hears singing through the door and gets the others to return in force.

After quickly slaying the single orc in the room with the statue, Hary returns to the cart to keep watch while the others cover the statue with saddle blankets and tip it to carry it out. As they begin to tip it, gas pours out from the pedestal on which it stood, paralyzing Rubin and Dullis and leaving Bunrum to catch the statue alone when he makes the save.

He calls Hary in to help carry the statue and together they manage to wrestle it out to the wagon without dropping or bumping it and go back in to get the henchmen out. Just as they they enter the intersection beside the cart, each dragging a man, a giant centipede rushes toward them from one side. Bunrum drags his man onto the cart while Hary takes shots that miss and dodges an attack and flees toward the mule. Bunrum beheads the centipede and gets the last man on the cart while Hary gets it moving to rattle out of the compound and back down the hill toward the road.

By the time they reach the road, Rubin and Dullis have recovered from their paralysis and are in good spirits with the statue in hand. However, with the dice favoring random encounters, and not a small one this time, eight orcs emerge from the forest to attack their little cart. While Hary loses arrows, Rubin and Dullis shoot crossbows before moving to guard the cart with Bunrum. Most of the orcs engage Bunrum, who shows himself a match for them. One of the two orc archers, however, manages to hit Hary and bring him down. With a few orcs dropped, Dullis leaps onto the cart to stabilize him, he takes an arrow in the process and another as he re-engages and goes down. Luckily, a the orc morale starts to fail as Bunrum and Rubin bring down a couple more and they flee, two escaping to the forest. After getting Rubin stable, they continue on to the keep where Eden heals the fallen.

They show the statue to the merchant guild to start trying to find a buyer, but are invited to dine with the Castellan of the keep. His messenger requests they bring the statue. They accept and at dinner, the Castellan offers to buy the statue, which is a veiled center piece in the hall, provided they promise to help him with something in return: dealing with bandits operating nearby who have eluded his men. They accept and he promises to see the money (5000 gp) gets to them. He orders the statue unveiled and is pleased with what he sees. They party into the night.

It was a good plan, with more hitches than even I expected. The unexpected gave us a little longer session, which was nice. With this much loot, both Hary and Bunrum levelled up, and Hary would have again had it been allowed. Rubin and Dullis aren’t far off either. After a week for Hary and Bunrum to get their training and advance in level, they’ll presumably head out after the bandits. Another great night in this system.

The prep for this over on the Patreon will take the form of my key to Quasqueton, if you’re curious.

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