Biweekly Monster-Fauxlight (AD&D)

MOVE: 2″
% IN LAIR: 90%
SPECIAL ATTACKS: See below, surprise on 1-4
SPECIAL DEFENSES: Never surprised
Attack/Defense Modes: Nil

Fauxlights almost exclusively occupy deep and dark places where surface-dwelling creatures finding themselves there have long since become desperate to see the sun again, maddened by the smothering shadow. These creatures exploit this mania for their method of hunting. They take a form resembling a window in a cavern or dungeon wall with what appears to be warm sunlight pouring through.

When a victim approaches the fauxlight, he sees an enticing exterior view; perhaps a river of cool water, steaming hot spring pools, perhaps a grove of fruit trees laden with delicious fruit, or perhaps a dew-sparkling forest glade. Upon witnessing this, the victim must succeed on a save against paralyzation with a -1 for each full day he has been underground. If he fails the save, he attempts to climb through the window into the monster’s maw.

When a creature is in the fauxlight’s maw, it causes damage equal to 1 plus half the victim’s armor class each round. A creature in the maw cannot use weapons as it is forcefully masticated. Regardless of damage, a victim is killed after 10 melee rounds in the maw. Against creatures not in position to be chewed, the fauxlight emits a flash of light in a cone (3′ at the creature extending 15′ to a 20′ base. Those facing the light are blinded 1-4 melee rounds +1 for each full day underground unless a save against poison is made. A creature once so blinded has a +4 against future flashes of light.

I always feel a little pressed for dungeon denizens, so I thought, if ceilings and floors and chests have been done, maybe I need a window monster added to the list. What do you think?

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7 Responses to Biweekly Monster-Fauxlight (AD&D)

  1. I like it. Couple questions…

    “A creature in the maw cannot use weapons as it is forcefully masticated. Regardless of damage, a victim is killed after melee rounds in the maw.”

    Is there supposed to be a number of melee rounds listed?

    If weapons can’t be used, can bare-handed attacks? Wands and other magic items?
    If only magic spells can be used, then the initial save is against inevitable death for a lone non-magic-using character.

    • jameseck says:

      Good catch. I’m not sure how “cannot use weapons” should be ruled. I was paralleling the language used in the entry for the “Trapper.” The only time I’ve faced one at the table, I think we were able to use our swords to cut out. I think hand attacks and other things must still be possible.

      • I could see a saving throw per round at some disadvantage to see if you can get a weapon out if one wasn’t in your hand, at an improved To Hit but lower damage to use the weapon. With the creature expelling the victim if “X”%of total HP internal damage is done.

        Make the expelled victim be stunned for a number of rounds equal to the rounds inside(?), and the creature thus able to escape.

      • jameseck says:

        I like that. I was surprised how few options you had against the trapper.

      • Just read the Trapper description. Yeah, once it has you you’re in trouble without aid. I think as I’ve been reading the Dragon back-issues, I remember an “ecology of” article. Didn’t remember the lethality.

        With the Faux-light being Very intelligent it would probably prey on laggards and lone adventurers. And if one managed to escape it, and it got away, it could be a grudge holder, stalk the escaped prey later waiting for a more vulnerable moment. Alternately, I wonder if you could bargain with it to guard a section of dungeon, feed it dead animals or live kobolds or something.

      • jameseck says:

        Love it. Keep in mind, the trapper is EVEN MORE intelligent! I was surprised by that as well.

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