Haven: Schek Molva

On May 1st, Year 12, Rovert sets out to search for materials that have been eluding him, Molva Metal and Soaring Stones. He enlists the help of Conan’s Clouded Citadel (which he provided to him) for swift and safe transport across lands embroiled in conflict as the Union of Schek seems to be collapsing:

  • Rovert (TrS): Level 21 Human Necromancer
    • Huge Skelewolf
    • Undead Purple Dragon Mauler
  • Conan (MiM): Level 14 Elf Vampire Magic-user
    • The crew of the Clouded Citadel

They begin by bringing Agon a letter from the Lagorans regarding the Soaring Stones and seeking the aide of his book of knowledge. Agon is able to learn enough that Rovert leaves convinced that the Soaring Stones are in the fey. He and Conan fly ahead of the Clouded Citadel to Randall’s Grove where they consult Logi the Phoenix, learning that the highest fey zone is Weeping Rocks, just above the Green Wood that can be entered near the Vale. They also learn (to Rovert’s surprise) that the fey consider him dangerous after his broad destruction in Satyr lands. Logi is, in fact, hesitant to share any more information lest the other fey learn he heard it from him.

Rovert decides he’d rather enlist less-known adventurers than go to the fey himself. In any case, they had planned to proceed from Randall’s Grove to visit Schek Molva. They fly back up to Clouded Citadel and ride through the night and the next day (the 2nd). During the day, a Schek Tarifk orc appears on the Clouded Citadel to make sure they are not a threat to Schek Tarifk (as they are flying near the Tarifk Shrine). When he learns they are headed to Schek Molva, he strongly advises them to reconsider before taking his leave.

By evening on the 2nd, they can see the fog of the fey Sterfalye (one of the Clouded Citadel henchmen) got lost in when he went to on his lone expedition to find Schek Molva, turning up outside another fey on the other side of the continent. The pilot starts to slow the flying fortress as they pass over the fey by night and by morning, they are stopped beyond it.

Rovert and Conan look out to where they expect to see the Molva Shrine, wearing mind protecting cloths taken from the facility at the bottom of Vale Lake. Conan notices that heir is a place on the horizon he is mysteriously unable to look directly at. He points that area out to Rovert, who with his help (and some will power of his own) is able to spot a massive structure. Conan feels he can see it out of the corner of his eye, but still can’t focus on it and attempts give him a headache.

Rovert and Conan descend from the Clouded Citadel and make their way toward the shrine on foot, hoping to find an outer village where they can negotiate for Molva Metal without having to encounter the core elements of the Schek (cult). Soon, they are ambushed by a dozen or so goblins and orcs. Conan blows one away with a fireball, but Rovert calls for him that they want some alive and he pulls himself short up before another couple fireballs.

Rovert brings the rest down with a stunning donut burst centered on himself. With them all bound and looted (they all have Molva Metal tattoos and one has a Molva dagger and arrow heads. Rovert wakes this one, thinking him to be the leader.

They learn that they attacked without talking when they realized they were wearing the protective cloths and their intention could not be read. The goblin challenges Rovert to remove his and duel him mentally if he isn’t too much of a coward. Rovert is tempted, but refrains. The goblin also recognizes that Rovert’s crown is Molva Metal and demands it back, along with his dagger and arrows, as the metal is sacred. When Rovert asks about it being bought in the past, the goblin calls those who sold it traitors and demands to know more so they can be tracked down.

Eventually, Rovert gets close to convincing him to turn over just the alloy makeup, but the goblin wants too much in return, considering his goddess to be above mere alliance with a mortal. He decides to knock him out again, erase all of their memories, and leave. He is clever enough to prick their protective tattoos with his magic-nullifying dagger before casting the erasing spell.

They fly back to the Vale and post a call for adventurers to seek the Soaring Stones. Rovert levels up.

Rovert has been reckless for a long time. It took years irl for his spell that damaged miles of forest to come back to bite him.

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  1. Molva? Wah kinda name is that for a hidden kingdom known for a mysterious metal?

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