Biweekly Item-Acolyte Bell (AD&D)

These intricate silver bells are usually used by those administering the rituals of the Church and are precious artifacts therein. However, they may be found where they have been lost or even be bestowed upon one trusted by the Church for use in the field.

Their utility in rituals is to sound a single, clear note before silencing the acolyte using it so he can move among the congregation and perform his duties without causing any disturbance to their worship.

When rung loudly (audible up to 300′ away), the bell grants the ringer a +35% chance to Move Silently for the 1 turn. This ability can be used but 3 times a day and if used again while still active, the first prior effect is cancelled.

Experience Point Value: 200
G.P. Sale Value: 1000

Intended to be a starting item, possibly for a thief, bestowed by the Church on adventurers they have sponsored in the same vein as the censer flail.

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1 Response to Biweekly Item-Acolyte Bell (AD&D)

  1. Another good starter item. I like the “Time to get sneaky… DING!!!!!”

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