Into the Mournlands

For our 10-year anniversary, my wife and I got away for a few days. We did some writing, played a lot of Age of Empires, and we kicked off a “D&D Duet” campaign set in Eberron. Her character:

  • Mink (NiE): Level 2 Warforged Rogue with the Scout background and Camouflage Kit proficiency (invented to suit her character concept) who wants to become a writer in order to write important things like the treaty that declared warforged people.

Mink was approached outside of Vathirond by Aevis (a Mark of Scribing Gnome Artificer) and Quinn (a Khoravar Half-Elf Shadow Magic Sorcerer) and hired to by them to go into the Mournland to try to discover and document what happened there for the Khorvaire Geographic. Mink is naturally intrigued by the idea of being part of writing something so important and agrees to be their guide.

Mink leads the way down the old road, leaving her employers in the care of her trained weasel while she ensures the way is clear before returning to bring them forward to the new waypoint. A few hours in, she is leading the group forward when she sees what may be a warforged in the distance (something that isn’t normally a problem, but she has some non-warforged with her this time). On closer investigation, it looks to be a humanoid wearing golden armor. It sees Mink (a 1 on a Stealth check) and starts coming towards her.

After learning that the soldier with glowing red eyes seems intent on not letting them pass without bringing healing for its master, Mink attacks, but soon finds herself wounded enough to retreat. She reaches the others and between them they soon drop the undying soldier. Aevis recognizes the creature and insists that they try to find its master, who is surely from a Aereni noble family, and heal him.

After tracking for a short while, Mink loses the trail (another 1!) and advises that they get back to the road. As their journey continues, they come upon some mutated boars which prove to be another challenging fight (wow, giving regeneration to boars with their ability to resist being dropped the first time they are reduced to 0 was a bigger bump than I thought).

They make camp, prepping enough meat from the boars to replenish their food from the day with the help of purify food and drink. This is, of course, no concern to Mink. She powers down during the process and prepares to keep watch through the night.

Not sure how often we’ll be playing these D&D Duet sessions. There was very little prep with all of the other things we intended to do over the weekend (plus a sudden change when she decided she’d rather campaign in the Mournlands than in Sharn), so all things considered I’m pretty happy with the way it played out.

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