Biweekly Item-Mage Dart (AD&D)

MageDartMage DartThis magical dart is attuned to arcane energies that magic-users channel to cast their spells. A magic-user attacking with this dart can expend a spell of any level, including cantrips, to empower the dart, allowing the magic-user to attack as a fighter of level equal to his level in magic-user.

Furthermore, when used with a spell, the dart returns to the mage’s hand who makes a dexterity check (roll under) with a -2 per level of spell used. On a successful check, the magic-user catches it deftly enough to be ready to throw it again this round if desired.

When used with a spell or cantrip slot, this dart is considered a +1 if a spell level 0-1 was used, +2 if level 2-3, +3 if level 4-5, +4 if level 6-7, and +5 if level 8-9 only with regards to creatures struck only by magical weapons.

Experience Point Value: 100
G.P. Sale Value: 500

I’m trying to come up with a series of decently special items suitable to be bestowed upon characters starting out at level 1 and be impactful without skewing power levels. Also in this series: censer flail, reaching corseque, and Peacemaker.

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3 Responses to Biweekly Item-Mage Dart (AD&D)

  1. I like it, doesn’t make the dart “better,” improves the casters chance to hit, and maybe attack again.

    I really like the idea of weapons that aren’t necessarily “better” in their “to hit” or damage, the latter increases with level anyway, but better in what they allow the wielder to do with them.

    More interesting I think, and more useful for role-playing than just making the attack calculations more complex.

  2. Wow. “… JUST improves the caster’s…” “…the FORMER increases with level…”

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