Shipping and Receiving and the Slave Caves

With all of the inventory and workshop not having very good access to the other entrances we’ve seen so far, it was inevitable that we would have a wider access nearby, but I intend for this to be the last surface access in the dungeon as it plunges deeper and deeper.

The exterior access of this floor (A) is hidden by a very skillfully disguised secret door, magically locked, through which the goods of the facility would be shipped. This concealment is somewhat undermined by the crudely concealed escape tunnel dug by slaves here long ago (E). There are several bays (B) where goods would be held to wait for shipping or entry into inventory.

Several guards had permanent residence on this level (C) and spent much of their time in the guardroom (D) from which they could observe the underground slave shanty town (H) and to some extent the more private caverns used by them (E, F, G). These slaves worked the mines below to bring up significant ore and gems used in the manufactory of the goods made here. Their tools, including the carts used to move the ore, may still be found in sheds in the north of the cavern (I).

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1 Response to Shipping and Receiving and the Slave Caves

  1. How did the slaves manage the dig? It’s not like the had a Rita Haworth poster… 😉

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