Rise of Lolith S9-Irvik the Mad

After fleeing elven society to try and contain the werewolf population among the minotaurs, the party has spent over a year teaching minotaurs how to track the phase of the moon with rise and set times. They have received pay and information from Brimahil’s temple for the work and it sounds like there may be a promising cure on the way.

  • Evren (BiW): Level 5 Drow Psion Thief
  • Labkost (ByW): Level 5 Gnome Magic-user
  • Argent Smith (RiH): Level 5 Human Monk

One night Argent and Labkost have bizarre dreams that seem to be echoes of what their life would have been if Evren hadn’t shaken things up. They’re both smart enough to make the connection, leaving them wondering once again what’s so special about Evren. On the heels of these dreams, they receive word of a human named Irvik the Mad being bitten by a minotaur werewolf. They leave immediately to seek him out and educate him, having heard that he is unpredicatable and suspicious of the elves.

His house is trapped in many places, as they find after breaking in when he doesn’t answer. With no immediate purpose inside, they withdraw again to wait for him to come home. His neighbors indicate he probably left for a long trip, so the break in again and search the place, overcoming traps and discovering evidence that he worships the large lizards the kobolds are said to worship. Neighbors indicate that he makes his way north (where the kobolds live) for a couple weeks every year around midsummer. They hire a tracker and set out after Irvik and the donkey carrying most of his possessions.

Within just three days they believe they are close behind him and make camp, waking to see smoke about a mile north. They move out quickly to pursue and see that Irvik broke camp quickly. They don’t linger at the camp, but as they set out their tracker steps in a bear trap and they have to heal him. Continuing at speed, they come to a clearing where Irvik’s donkey is tethered. Wisely ignoring the donkey, they look for him and Evren speaks to him telepathically.

When he hears that Evren can read his mind, he attacks her. Argent charges him and he flees, but Evren and Labkost persuade him to surrender. They agree to stay with him through the full moon, teaching him about moon safety while they accompany him northward, if he still wants to go.

These things always go smoother for the party than I expect. I was hoping he would evade them a while longer. They even caught him before the moon became a problem! You can find my preparation for this session on my new Patreon page.

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