Biweekly Item-Cape of Moths (AD&D)

CapeOfMothsCape of Moths: These capes can be taken from mothenwings when they are slain. The cape imparts powers similar to those possessed by the mothenwing to the wearer.

The wearer can bestow one of the moth-feathers of the cloak on another, who can any time in the next week whisper a message to the feather, which turns into a moth and carries the message to the wearer. The wearer can have given out as many as twelve of these feathers at any one time.

Once per day, the wearer can cast the mothenwing’s variant of summon insects as a 7th level druid. It always succeeds, but only summons a cloud of moths that rather than deal damage causes cloth objects worn or carried by the target to make a saving throws against acid.

Experience Point Value: 2,000
G.P. Sale Value: 12,500

A natural item to follow on the mothenwing monster. I’ve always loved the concept of getting loot from monsters that really suits the monster encountered.

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