Play Report: Keep on the Borderlands, Session 3 (Quasqueton)

With a player not turning up for Rise of Lolith this week, we returned to Keep on the Borderlands and Into the Unknown with Rick Stump’s unfinished AD&D Clone (a step beyond Far Realms). The now popular adventurers, having gained the reputation they sought by rescuing the merchant, go to scout out Quasqueton, leaving Armogain (who organized the company) while they make a first pass at the facility.

  • Hary (JaH): Level 1 Halfling Scout
  • Bunrum (ByW): Level 1 Dwarf Fighter
  • Eden (BiW): Level 1 Human Cleric


  • Rubin: Level 1 Human Man-at-arms
  • Dullis: Level 1 Human Man-at-arms

With the merchant’s guards now faithful to them and well-equipped, the company has two more strong men to carry supplies and delving equipment they had previously struggled to find a place for between heavy armor and penalties to carrying capacity (plus the desire to be only lightly encumbered). With plenty of capacity for loot, they make their way to where Armogain’s map says the place can be found.

They soon find a well-cut passage into the hillside with an elegant Q carved nearby and enter to find a door about 60 feet in. The door is damaged apparently from being forced and they enter, lighting the lantern for the humans and to extend Hary’s ultravision. Tentatively, they pass by the alcoves in the hall before warning mouths in the third startle them. At an intersection, they find several bodies, quickly searching them to collect a little treasure. The sight of fallen adventurers like themselves is sobering, but they press on.

Through a door, they surprise a pair of goblins. Bunrum cuts one down while Hary snipes the other without any significant sounds. They search the dining room and find a fine goblet with the name of the place on it before proceeding through another door where they encounter three hobgoblins. With Bunrum and the men-at-arms surging into the room, they soon corner and cut them down, only Dullis sustaining a small wound.

In the room, they see a statue of exceptional value, but hestitate to try to move it. There is also a chest, but of the hundreds of coins in it, they only want to carry with them the gold and electrum, so Hary sorts through them and they add the copper from the hobgoblin purses. As Hary finishes fishing out coins, Kobolds burst into the room, surprising much of the party. The company’s heavy armor turns their javelins away as Rubin and Dullis close to keep them penetrating far into the room. Bunrum soon joins them on the front and they quickly cut down the attackers until the last two flee, one of them getting to the hall alive. Hary manages to get a shot off before it rounds the corner and brings it down.

These latest foes add more copper to the chest and they hide it in a corner of the hobgoblin lounge. They search a corridor a little way down, opening a hidden door into the entry corridor before deciding there are too many divergences and heading back to try the other door near where they fought the goblins. There is surprise sprinkled throughout both sides as they come on goblins in the room, but they quickly close and deal damage. The last tries to flee but the men-at-arms keep after it and bring it down as well.

They see that the goblins were preparing food and estimate 5-10 other goblins or hobgoblins in the facility based on the quantity of food. Lamenting that they don’t have any poison with them, Hary suggests they grab the chest and head back so they can return the next day equipped to haul out the statue, which they suppose is the most valuable thing they’ve seen by far, hopefully with Armogain to lend his strength and prowess with the bow.

We ended the session early after only a couple hours or so, and while we considered leaving them in the dungeon, it made sense to pull them back in case the party needed to change next time, plus it would only cost them an hour unless they planned to camp outside the keep.

Having a couple of well-equipped henchmen did wonders for their fighting effectiveness in the dungeon. It bodes well for the future of the company to have two loyal guards to keep Eden up.

The prep for this over on the Patreon will take the form of my key to Quasqueton, if you’re curious.

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